Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I was curious about this name. I heard this name and am quite taken by it! Pronounced per-DEE-tah, its got a fantastic sound to it - I love the 'Perrrr'!
With a fantastic sound the meaning is even better! As many of you will probably be aware, it was created (as quite a few names were) by Shakespeare! A young heroine in "The Winter's Tale" was named so. Her father abandoning her as he thought she was not his daughter. Rescued by a Shepherd she later fell in love with a Shepherd. Of course ending with a happily ever after! It was therefore used for its meaning: Lost.
Some other occurrence of this name include:
  • The name of a sky ship in Neil Gaiman's Stardust in which the main characters travel
  • The adult female Dalmatian in the 1961 Disney animated film 101 Dalmations
  • A minor satellite of the planet Uranus
  • A type of American native bees
  • Perdita Felicien Canadian track athlete
  • Perdita Huston women's rights activist
Names which sound like it include Perlita. Pearl is becoming an astoundingly popular middle names, and it is a variant of Pearl.
And Perita, a Hebrew name, a variant of Peri. It has the meaning Result or Outcome.
These are a few cute names which I hope interest you! They're defiantly quirky, feminine and unused. Get your hands on the names before they get used :D

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rachel Griffith & Clementine

About a month ago Rachel Griffith had a daughter. Sarah and myself were deadly curious what she was going to call her baby, as so far all of the names have been dead Australian. She had Banjo Patrick and Adelaide Rose. Banjo, of course, is the Poet and writer Banjo Patterson and Adelaide is the city. We were talking about names she might use (as said in an earlier post) such as Perth, or Melbourne. Matilda was a possibility for a girl. So we were surprised when she called her daughter Clementine Grace. There is no doubt that its a beautiful name- meaning 'my merciful'. But this brings up the whole issue of sticking with naming patterns by default of your first child. In my opinion if two are at least in the 'theme' then the rest should follow. For example Jamie Oliver, whose children all have botanical related names. (Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo and Petal Blossom Rainbow). For each name it is the parents choice and I don't think names should necessarily be decided by themes. My children certainly couldn't be more different- Kirsty, Aurora and Blake- but it never was an issue. I guess what ever pleases the parent!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Some loves are a little irrational. Maybe even all loves. And sometimes, beyond all reason, you can fall passionatly and irrationally in love with a name.

To you Chloe is the perfect name. You dont care about popularity. It dosent matter that your cousin had a Chloe last year nor that your sister's name is Zoe. It dosent really compliment your last name. You dont really care for Cornelius and Chloe as a sibset - to you they are hardly within the same style and you absolutely hate matching initials. Your worried that your husbands family would struggle pronouncing it with their strong accents. And he also dated a Chloe for 3 years back in college. But every time he says "How about Amelia?" you have to hold back the tears.

Its not your fault really. Its beyond your control. You daughter will be Chloe.

Well I might have developed a bit of an irrational love. You could try an tell me that this name is probably a bit too "Star Baby" and far too flighty for Edward's little sister.You could try and tell me about how silly it sounds with our long Italian surname. It wouldn't matter.

So whats stopping me from declaring my love for her with a beautiful perfectly-named daughter in 6 weeks time? (if it is a daughter)

Just one problem. Can I, Sarah, really name my daughter Seraphine?

According to some, yes.

I went to school with an Elizabeth. Her Mom, Beth, named her so without even realising she was naming her daughter after herself. And rightly so. Elizabeth's named fitted in beautifully with those of her siblings, Alexandra, Josephine and Christopher.

I ran into Liz recently to discover that she has 2 little girls, Isabella and Alyssa. "How sweet
" I said. "All the girls in your family are all Elizabeths". And apparently this was news to her.

The diffence between me and Beth or Liz is that I am not oblivious to Seraphine's resemblence to my own name. Ignorance is no excuse so it is most definate that I will not be having a daughter called Seraphine in 6 weeks time.

Flapper Boys Names

We did the girls - now its time for the boys!

Boys names seem to fluctuate less than girls name so some of them are still quite popular today. They probably always will be. But there is nothing wrong with that. Classic names are well liked by everybody. Even those that opt for ultra-modern names tend to resort to these timeless favourites in the middle spot. And they come with an abundance of nicknames. I mean how cute is a little Alby from Albert!

There are also others that are due for a comeback. But all of them have the touch of sophistication to boot.

Otis and Henry are my favourites aside from the obvious Edward. In fact you might see me posting about a small one of these in about 6 weeks time.




































Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Help for Angela

Her children:

Selvin Alexander

Mishel Nahomi

Hadassah Grace

Avalon Laura

We won't be finding out the sex so need to come up with two names. Our youngest daughter we finally agreed on a name the week before she was born and I have a feeling this one will be no easier. I don't want very trendy, cute or made up names so any suggestions would be so very welcome. I love the names Isla, Willow, Anja, Shepherd, Oliver and Makai.

The girls:

Saskia: Of Danish and Old German Origins this name means 'the Saxon people'.

Arissa: Meaning best it is a variant of Arista.

Narissa: Variant of the Greek name Narine it means 'sea nymph'.

Ayelet: I have to say I am in love with this name. It is a very delicate and feminine name meaning

Raphaella: The meaning of this name is "God Heals". If its Raphaela or Rafael its an adorable name, which would suit a chubby cherub.

Evedene: This name is a variant of such names as Eve, Evaline and Evelyn. It means life animal. An unusual name I see it working with your other children's beautiful names.

Morganne: Is a virtually unused name, meaning 'brightness', if used for a first or middle name I think it brings character into any name.

Havannah: I hadn't heard of this name before and am quite taken with it! Its a place name of course being the capital of Cuba.

Roshelle: A delightful french name which I of course class with the name Gisele. Meaning little rock it can be shortened to Elle or Ellie.

Helena: Decreasing drastically in popularity over the past 10 or 20 years I think this name could use a revival. Helen has been a name for many beautiful and intelligent women, of course Helen of Troy. Meaning 'Shining Light"

Lilia: Lilly is currently such an overused name as it Leila. So its no suprise it means Lilly the flower.

Linnea: Of Scandinavian origins it means lime or linden tree. It is also the name of a mountain flower which is small and pink. All little girls of course love the name pink so make sure to tell her if choose it!

Pilar: Pronounced PEE-La this is a Spanish name meaning pillar. I thought I would include some Spanish names due to the choices of your other children names.

Preah: Preah Vihear is a place in Cambodia, located near the border of Thailand. I'm forming a bit of a crush on 'P' names!

Evita: Variant of the Hebrew name Eva its meaning is life.

Isleta: A variant of ever popular name Isla I love the sound of this name. Isleta comes from the Spanish language and means "Little Island."

Malaya: A place name it means the state of Malays. It was named by British settlers. Also has been used for naming a boat HMS Malaya, a Queen Elizabeth class battleship of the Royal Navy.

Maribel: A modern blend of Mary and belle this was a highly popular name in the 1960s however is hardly used currently. Its a more original name that those of Claribel which is highly popular.

Olive: As you liked the names Willow and Isla and think this is right up your street. A variant of Olivia it means Olive tree.

The boys:

Paxton: Of old English origin it is a place name It is also derived from the Latin "pax", meaning "peace", and the Old English "tun", meaning "settlement".

Arlon: An Irish/ Gaelic name and meaning Promise. Its a beautiful name which would be easy to team a middle name with.

Soren: Variant of Severus meaning apart.

Loudon: The German name means low valley. It has a fantastic sound!

Ezekiel: Of Hebrew origins it means strength of God. In retrospect however it is part of the increasingly popular biblical baby name trends.

Micah: We have heard of the cute girl name MEEKA on this blog but there is also a masculine variant. Again of Hebrew origins it is a variant of Michael.

Niklas: variant of Nicholas I love this funky spelling. It means victorious person.

Arden: I have a love of A names and this is no difference. Meaning great Forrest it is the surname of a Shakespearean character. It was popular in the early 1900s.

Ramiro: Portuguese and Spanish origins it means renounced counsellor. Its an upbeat fun name.

Salomon: This name means peace. You can alternatively use Solomon, depending on how you feel about the spelling.

Olivander: You liked the name Oliver so I wasn't sure if you wouldn't like this alternative. Its definatly got style. It means olive tree.

Levander: A Mediterranean name with alternatives including Evander.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cute Coraline

So I'm sure everyone with young kids keeps up with movies or T.V shows. A little outing to take your precious children to have a little bit of a break in the dark quiet cinema. Well Coraline the movie is coming out in Australia I couldn't help but think what a cute name! Its got a bit of a tropical edge to it but I don't think it would be out of whack with other trendy names. Its actually quite a normal name. So I thought I would explore a bit about this name.

So Coraline is a variance of Coral a nature name being natural sea growth, often deep pink or red in colour. While Coral was popular in the 1990s Coraline is an un-ranked name so you don't have to worry about popularity issues.

The 3D fantasy film is based on Neil Gaimans novel Coraline and focuses on a child who finds her way into a parallel world.

Nicknames include Cora, Corrie, Lina, Lynne/Lin.

Different spellings and similar names include Coralyne, Coralline, Koraline, Coralie.

I'm adding this name to my list, I'm quite taken with it!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I stumbled across this name when watching a Roman documentary. I have to say the Roman's had some great choices in names. Octavia Minor was the sister of the first Roman Emperor Augustus (also known as Octavian). She was also the wife of Mark Antony.

Octavia, of Latin origins, of course means eight and was often given to the eighth child of a family during the Victorian Era in England. It is the feminine version of Octavius.

This name is feminine and I believe quite stately. A strong name which should not be used lightly. I think I could see this name used in a family with Petrova's or Edwards, perhaps even used with a Darion (a favourite of mine lately).

Variants or similar names to Octavia include Octaviana, Octavianne, Octavie, Octiana, Octoviana, Ottavia, Tavia, Tavie and Tavy.

In my opinion I'm not to fond of the nicknames of Tavie or Oct. Tavia is not bad as they go. Hope your also keen on the name. Let me know your thoughts!