Monday, November 10, 2008

Short of Ideas?

We understand that naming your child is a hard and long process to complete and we would simply love to help!

Maybe you have the perfect first name but can't find any middle names to match.

Maybe you have the perfect name for you first born but cant think of any names for your second born.

Maybe your having twins and want to find a nice set of matching names.

Or Maybe you want a second opinion on your possible chioce.

Whatever it is we would love to help! Just comment this post with your question and we should get around to answering it soon.

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Rosalie said...

Hi i was searching the web and came across your wesite. I was hopping you could help me.
I'm 8 months pregnant and myself and hubby are having problems choosing the name. My other children are Elle Marie, Cooper James and Saffron May. Its a girl and we are calling her Clarabelle but we have no idea what goes with the name, any ideas?



Victorire said...

Hi guys, I have just found out I am pregnant with my 2nd child and in a bit of a sticky!

For our first child, a boy, we went with the name Esteban the spanish version of steven because my husband is spanish.

It isn't a name you hear much around here which makes it hard to pick another name to match it.

How could i possibly have James brother to Esteban or Caitlin sister to Esteban.

Will you help me pick a spanish names or two for our next one? We are keeping the sex a surprise!

Amalia said...

Hi Sarah and Laura. I literally found out a week a go i was pregnant and ever since then i have been scouring websites to find a name for my little nut sized baby right now :D hahaha

well if a boy i really like the name Wyatt(yes its from charmed but don't judge me :D!), but what middle name could i have with that?

If it helps my first child (a boy) is called Roman Alex.

and sujjestions for Wyatts middle name??
any help would be great!


Alannah said...

Hey guys,

I am having a my first baby pretty soon and havent got a name.

I liked Mackenzie which I think is scottish. And Patrick as well.

I tend to quite like names that are a bit out of fashion at the moment and sound a bit sort of dopey.

I would love to hear what you guys have to say!



Suze said...

Hey Sarah and Laura,

First of all I would like to thank you for giving me a little something to read every once in a while. I thoughly enjoy reading your posts.

Second of all I have a little question regarding the name of my soon to be bubby.

I adore peonies! They are my favourite flowers and I would love to incorporate this into the name of my child somehow.

However, I am not an advocate of 'made up' names and I would hate for Peony to be categorised with names such as Apple.

I would be really appreciative if you could suggest names that have some correlation to my favourite flowers!


Elissa said...

Just a quick question for you. I'm weeks awat from having my first born and my husband (Joseph) has informed my that all male first borns in his family are called joseph. I did know about it before but i thought we would choose another name as a mutual decision you see I'm not very keen on the name "Joe". I know this is different to your other questions but do i keep with tradition or start a new one??


Amalia said...

Hi its me again (Amalia) and im still pregnant!!! Through these months ive been brainstorming ideas though I'm still in love with wyatt i also love the name Spencer. Can you think of any other names similar to Spencer or Wyatt. I also like Cole from charmed but my partner doesnt like it. Don't worry about a girls name because i've already found my favourite girls name :D Thanks

xxxxx Amalia

Anonymous said...

Hay there

So i'm searching and searching and I still justcan't find the right name.

We've toyed with like so many names like Shiloh (its a girl), Clementine, Zelda and now we are thinking Seraphine. The middle name has to be Lucia because its a name passed down.


Cant Quiet Me! said...

Hi, I am expecting my first baby, hopefully, on October 2nd and I kind of need help with a name.
I have already been thinking about names and have come up with a few with the help of my mom, but I am a little worried that they are too out there. I want my child to have a unique name, but also a name that I love.

The names I have thought of so far are:

Thaine Weslin (Th aye n pronounced like blaine but with a "th" sound and Weslin is pronounced Wes lynn) Thaine is my grandmas name, Thelma Lorraine, combined. Weslin is my grandpas first name, Wesley, and my great uncles middle name, Franklin, combined.

Leota Dalin (pronounced Lee Oh Tah Duh Lynn) Leota was my stepdads moms name and Dalin is my biological das name, David, and my moms name, Linda, combined.

Josephine Ryelle (pronounced Rye elle) Josephine/Josie is the female version of my stepdads name Joseph and Ryelle is my partners sisters name, crystal and my sisters name Michele combined.

I really like the name Thaine, and if its a boy, which I think it is, that will definitely be his name. Im not too sure about the other names, except Ryelle, which I love that as a middle name.

I guess what I need help with is a middle name that goes with Thaine for a boy. I am also wondering if the names that I like, and have posted are "too out there."

I am interested in unique names, American Indian names, and older names such as Lorraine. Im not sure if this will help, but the baby is black/white/souix/cherokee. I am not fond of Jaedyn, Aiden, Aaliyah, Caden, or names like that. I love the name Denae and Kailyn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!!

P.S. the baby's last name would be Miles or Jackson...maybe Bauerle (bower lee) or Kendziorek (ken zor ick).

Im not sure whether to give it my last name, a family last name, or its dads last name! Yet again thanks!!

Marilyn said...

I've been asking this question to all the great name-people I can find, so hopefully you have some ideas for me!

We're expecting our fourth baby in August and not finding out the gender. I'm looking for girl and boy name ideas that fit well with our current three boys: Abraham Thomas (Abe), Sebastian Dane (Sebby or Seb), and Malachi Norris (Ky). I like names that can be dignified but I also like nicknames that allow a little flexibility/casualness.

For girls names, I love nature names like Violet (Lettie)---but is that getting too popular? I also love Daisy but wish I could use it as a nickname for a longer name (Marguerite is one idea, but I think it would confuse people). I like Indigo, Juniper, Calla, and others---but don't know if they fit with my boys' names? I'm not set on a nature name; I also like Jemima and Josephine and many others.

So---any ideas?? I would appreciate any feedback you or your readers have. :) Thanks!!

Shivaun said...

I am expecting baby #3 in September and am getting very stumped for a boy's name. We have a son Cason Nathaniel and a daughter Mira Ashlyn. If this one is a girl we are thinking either Camille or Holland, but the boy name has really left me searching and searching and coming up with nothing! Our last name is one syllable starting with M, so we are avoiding one syllable first names. After naming our son Cason I have some small regrets about how it falls in with all the trendy Caden/Aidan kids now, so I am extra leery of anything that might even turn out to be trendy later. For this baby, I have thought of Simon, Rueben, Bowen, Sullivan, etc... but nothing really thrills me. I guess, like a lot of parents, we want something uncommon but also not weird. Help!

Tracy said...

I found you through the baby name snob's website. Maybe you can help us!

We're expecting our 3rd child,the second boy, in as few as 5 weeks. We've been looking at names for months, and this child does not have a name.

Our other children's names are Olivia and Austin and our last name starts with an A.

We prefer names that are "normal", but not super trendy. We tend to like the status of Austin's name on the charts. Not too popular, but not unheard of.

More than likely, the baby's middle name will be Daniel, after my little brother. But, we're stuck on the first name. Some we like, but aren't sold on are:

Weston (didn't know if this was too close to Austin)

any advice or thoughts on our name list?



jamie said...

hi! my husband and i are trying to conceive our 2nd child. we have a 2 yr old son, beckett reed. my husband loves the name maisie (if we ever have a girl). i like it too, if we can find a middle name that works with it! i like to use family names as middle names but have run out of ideas for maisie....some family names: anne, jean, june, kay, may (and any related to those). can you help us please??

jamie said...

hi! my husband and i are trying to conceive our 2nd child. we have a 2 yr old son, beckett reed. my husband loves the name maisie (if we ever have a girl). i like it too, if we can find a middle name that works with it! i like to use family names as middle names but have run out of ideas for maisie....some family names: anne, jean, june, kay, may (and any related to those). can you help us please??

Mandy said...

I just stumbled on this blog while searching baby names, and thought maybe you could help me.

I'm pregnant (due at the end of May) with our second daughter. We're pretty sure her name will be either, Clover or Willa. We just can't decide between the two. I'm fine with waiting to decide until we actually meet her, but I'd love to hear your opinion on the names. We aren't sharing them with many people, so a fresh perspective would be nice.

If we use Clover, we'll probably use Jane as a middle name (it's a family name). We have a very short, one-syllable last name, so I generally prefer a longer middle name, but for some reason, I like Jane with Clover. However, if we go with Willa, I want to use Caroline as a middle name. My mom doesn't think it flows well. Thoughts?

Oh, and we have an almost 3 yr. old daughter. Her name is Sadie Julianne.

I should also mention that we aren't closed minded to other names; these are just the two that we like the most right now. If it helps, we also like Zoey, Lucy, Maisie, Delilah (and those are just a few), but none of them are quite right for one reason or another.



Erin said...

Hi! I just found your blog and I love it! I'm a name freak, and now that I'm finally pregnant, I feel like I can indulge myself even more. :)
I've got an "Initial" question for you:
for a girl, one of our favorite names is Felicity, middle name Katherine. But our last name begins with H, making the initials FKH or fHk on some monograms. Is that a deal breaker in your opinion?
Some other favorites include Noelle, Naomi, Charlotte (but this is definitely getting more popular in the US, which is a bummer), and Adeline. For a girl, we want something distinctly feminine, 2+ syllables, and able to soften our somewhat choppy and short last name. Nothing too trendy.
For boys, we love Charles, William, and I love Walter and Gilbert (Gil for short), and am working on convincing my husband. :)
Thanks so much for your help!!

Lee said...

Hi! I'm not sure if you will be doing any more posts, but if you do...I would love to see one on two first names for a baby girl...either combined like Annemarie or separate like Sarah Jane (not the two shortened names combined to make one new name though!). Especially with a variety of different naming styles...some Biblical, old-fashioned, and modern. I'm sorry if you already have a post like this that I just didn't get far back enough to find. Thanks!


Andrea said...

Hi, a friend of mine gave me your website link and I was hoping you could please give us some ideas on names. I'm 7 months pregnant and not sure if we are having a boy or a girl . We feel that we are ok for girls names but would like some thoughts on boys names. This will be our 3rd child. We already have a Charlotte and a Nicholas.
We are wanting a name that obviously goes with Charlotte and Nicholas but that is not something that it totally common. We like the idea of something a little different without is being to 'out there', hopefully this makes sense.
Some of the names we have been playing around with so far are:

Lewis or Louis

thats about it. Our surname is Levick. So would obviously need to go with that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

thanking you in advance,

waggies06 said...

Hello! Love your website and thought maybe you could give us some new ideas. Third baby (girl) on the way, first Cullen, second Mae. I love Finley, Olivia (too popular though), Quinn, and Rose. Hubs doesn't like any of these but likes plain Finn. We love Irish names and old traditional, but not too well used names. Thanks so much!