Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I just stumbled on this blog while searching baby names, and thought maybe you could help me.I'm pregnant (due at the end of May) with our second daughter.

We're pretty sure her name will be either, Clover or Willa. We just can't decide between the two. I'm fine with waiting to decide until we actually meet her, but I'd love to hear your opinion on the names. We aren't sharing them with many people, so a fresh perspective would be nice.If we use Clover, we'll probably use Jane as a middle name (it's a family name). We have a very short, one-syllable last name, so I generally prefer a longer middle name, but for some reason, I like Jane with Clover.

However, if we go with Willa, I want to use Caroline as a middle name. My mom doesn't think it flows well. Thoughts?Oh, and we have an almost 3 yr. old daughter. Her name is Sadie Julianne.I should also mention that we aren't closed minded to other names; these are just the two that we like the most right now.

If it helps, we also like Zoey, Lucy, Maisie, Delilah (and those are just a few), but none of them are quite right for one reason or another.

Thanks Mandy


Sorry Mandy for the late reply and hopefully we are not too late!
So first of all congratulations! Two little girls at home will be fantastic :D Busy but fantastic!

Your name choices, Clover or Willa. I’m leaning towards Willa.
I guess when I’m hearing Clover I think of Clove of garlic. Or four leaf Clover. But really is that a bad association? It fits in perfectly with the flower, and herbs names. So it really depends on your point of view. I have to say if you choose Clover, Jane makes an excellent Middle name. It continues the trend you set with Sadie Julianne, having a 1st name with and edge, followed by a modest but stylish middle name!

Willa. I just love the sound of it Will-Ah. Popular in the 1880s- 1940s its due for a come back! Caroline though is just sounding a little to long for it. So middle names, perhaps Rose, Lucia, Emmeline, Adaline, Kate, Charlotte, Madeline, Amanda, Alexis, Suzanne, Grace?

Other names I think could work well are

I like Maisie and Lucy from your maybe lists, but if it doesn’t sound right I know from experience you can’t change your mind. Decide depending upon your gut feeling, and of course when you see your darling little girl for the first time!

Good luck and hopefully not too late!


Abby@AppMtn said...

I love Willa Caroline! I guess it depends on your last name, but I think it makes for a great combination.

Clover is great, too, and sounds right with big sister Sadie, but I think Willa is the more enduring choice.

Sebastiane said...

I adore both names. Clover is absolutely darling, it has a vintagy feel like Sadie and Willa, and its unusual yet not weird. Jane would be the perfect middle name, and I agree, it matches the J middle name theme.

Willa is also a lovely choice and goes great with Caroline. I disagree that Willa Caroline does not flow. I also like Sadie & Willa together, two, cute throw backs from the 18th-century.

I love either of your choices.

British American said...

I know of a toddler Clover online. I do think it's a pretty name - but I was gardening recently and clover weed has overtaken a lot of our grass and flower beds. So as I'm trying to dig it all out, I was thinking that it being a weed makes it a somewhat unfortunate baby name. Mainly because I'd be sad to have a daughter named Clover and have her see me ripping out all the clover and putting weed killer on it. This is coming from a Mom who has a daughter named Rose, so I'm liking the positive flower association of that one.

Willa is very pretty too. I had that on my list, but DH didn't much like it.

ali said...

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Andrew and Amy said...

I like your names. I am a teacher and love unique names. I have had many students with them. One of my favorites or a version kind of like Clover is Cora or Kora( k-or-a) Best wishes