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Hello there 2009!

Happy New Years Everybody!

From Sarah and Laura at Names from Adam to (New Years) Eve

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Festive Names! - Part II Boys

I am so deeply sorry it has taken so long to finish the rest of the Christmas names but I have been so busy cooking Turkeys and Fruit Mince Pies while trying to pick the perfect presents for everybody, and have them wrapped by Christmas Day.

So here they are, even if I didn't manage to get them done in time for Christmas (or new year), the most gorgeous set of Christmas boys names hitherto.

Nicholas - You have to admit that he is every body's favourite saint. And why wouldn't he be. Saint Nicholas (aka Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Pere Noel and Papa Noel among others) has invoked the much embraced tradition of gift giving at Christmas. And his name means Victory Of The People which I think is entirely appropriate given the way Saint Nicholas wore it.

Noel - Okay this is obviously my favourite of the boys Christmas names. It's sort of my son's middle name. Just spelt differently from my Edward Nole. This name, which is pronounced like Joel, means born on Christmas day but can also be used as a nickname for Nolan.

Klaus - Klaus is a gorgeous little german name which was originally a diminutive form of Niklaus. It also represents one half of the name of our dearest Santa Claus. Sort of.

Casper - This name was once donned by one of the three kings who visited the Christ child in the bible. No need to be religious to use this name either. It also makes me think of Casper the Ghost which I think makes Casper an even more likeable name.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Festive Names! Part I - Girls

So its one more sleep until its my favourite time of year again. Decorations (This year I have organized to have a snowman and snowflake painted on my toes!). That Christmas-sy cinnamon-ny smell. Over eating. Over Drinking. And of course presseeenttss!

So in the spirit of Christmas I have decided to post a few appropriate names for this ever so jolly Christmas.

Noelle - An obvious choice for a little Christmas girl. Sweet.

Holly - A gorgeous name for a little girl. I love the link to Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's. And according to the Christmas carol the holly wears the crown.

Natalia - Meaning born on Christmas day and originally from Italy Natalia is a classy choice especially for Van Morrison fans.

Carol - OKay so this one may have been used by the generation before us but I still think it is a nice strong name. And it's likely you know someone you can honor by using this name.

Neva- A gorgeous little name meaning snow and is originally from Spain. This is my favourite of the Christmas names. It just sounds so feminine and pretty.

Eira-Another name which means snow. But even if your a southern hemisphere-er and don't have the whole white Christmas thing this Welsh name is a beautiful chioce for bubby girl.

Atalya - This is another form of the above name Natalia from America and thus shares it's meaning. Cute.

So for now, at least untill I brainstorm boys names, Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tradition, choices and the name Joseph

Hi Just a quick question for you. I'm weeks away from having my first born and my husband (Joseph) has informed my that all male first borns in his family are called Joseph. I did know about it before but i thought we would choose another name as a mutual decision you see I'm not very keen on the name "Joe". I know this is different to your other questions but do i keep with tradition or start a new one??Elissa

Congratulations on your upcoming birth!!
This is a very tricky situation and therefore here are some options which will hopefully help you!!

1. Discuss with your husband!!! The choice of a name for your child is a MUTUAL decision. Tell your husband your ideas and feelings as well as allowing him to express his own. Talk it over and hopefully come up with a decision on whether to use or not use Joseph for your son.

2. Use Joe as a middle name so that the name is still present and tradition partially upheld.

3. A two name first name. For example Joseph-Louis or Ryan-Joseph

4. Use a variant of Joseph. For example Giuseppe is the Italian variant of the Hebrew name Joseph. Other variants include José (Spanish), Josef (different spelling), Iosef (Russian), Jessop or hay even Joey :D

5. Don't use the name Joseph and possibly risk alienating the family. If you do however i suggest sitting down with the in laws to explain your reason (if a mutual decision is made not to use Joseph). Be kind and try not to risk hurting there feelings.

6. Use Joseph as a first name complete with a fabulous middle name of your choice that you love.

Open mindedness.
A great variety of names.
and Time.

Use these five things to your advantage and I know a decision will be made which will make both hubby and you happy!! Good luck Elissa for the upcoming birth and choice of name!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Peonies for Suze - The Queen of Flowers and Names

Hey Sarah and Laura, First of all I would like to thank you for giving me a little something to read every once in a while I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. Second of all I have a little question regarding the name of my soon to be bubby. I adore peonies! They are my favourite flowers and I would love to incorporate this into the name of my child somehow. However, I am not an advocate of 'made up' names and I would hate for Peony to be categorised with names such as Apple. I would be really appreciative if you could suggest names that have some correlation to my favourite flowers! Thanks, Suze


Suze, as per usual congrats on your pregnancy and we are glad be of help in your process prior to choosing a name for your baby. As you haven't specified the sex of your baby I will suggest names for both genders which should be a whole lot fun :D! I think this will be our best project yet!

Botan-This boys name means Peony and originated in Japan. I suspect that, due to its similarity to some of today's more popular names, you might start a trend with this one.

Carl-I have taken this name from the most famous lover of Peonies Carl Weinberg. Weinberg's Peony Garden on Ann Arbor's west side was one of the city's notable beauty spots from 1920 until 1952.

Bobby-Bobby Faust was Weinberg's own nephew who was loved so dearly that the botanist named one of his created Peonies after him. This particular peony is white in colour.

Jefferson-The name of one the the streets that bound Weinberg's Peony Garden.

Pierre- Artist Pierre Auguste Renoir was famous for painting the stunning flowers.

Henri- Associated with the artist Fantin-Latour who is also famous for his paintings of Peonies.

Joseph- Sir Joseph Banks was responsible for importing the Peony into Europe.

Flora- Paeonia lactiflora is the name of the species of peony that are most common.

Summer-The flowering season of the Peony and such a cute name! I can just see a little girl called Summer in a pretty little dress picking flowers and skipping merrily. Remind me to stick this on the list if I ever have a little girl.

Peony- I know you said that you didn't feel that this name has merit as a name but I beg to differ. Peony is a Greek name that means flower. But if you still feel that this name sounds a bit "made up" then why not use it as a middle name.

Alice-Alice Harding wrote The Book of the Peony in 1917 and its smaller companion volume, Peonies in the Little Garden, in 1923. She is also responsible for the creation of many peony hybrids. Weinberg was known to have bought a Ms. Harding Peony for $250, a highly inflated amount in those days!

Eleanora - A double white peony which was named after Weinberg's wife, Eleanora, by Weinberg himself.

Philantha- A name which means lover of flowers in Greek. It also sounds similar to Philomèle which a major variety of Peony.

Penny-Okay this name isn't directly related to Peonies but it does sound the same. Maybe you could use Penny as a nickname for Peony or Penelope.

Ann - A classic timeless name. It also happens to be part of the name in the district in which Weinberg grew his Peony Garden, Ann Arbor. Spell it this way or with an 'E' if you happen to agree with Anne Shirley and feel that the extra 'E' adds femininity.

I also would like to thank you for asking such an interesting question. It was a challenge at first but when I got started I just couldn't stop! Any of these appeal to you? (please say no - I would love get even more carried away than I already have :) )


PS. I too adore peonies! ( I had them in my wedding bouquet ) They were used for medicinal purposes in the early days of medicine and components of the flower make up some modern medicines. They are also said to ward off bad spirits in China- maybe if you use one of my suggested names it might do so for your child.

Friday, December 5, 2008

'Han-son' Names That End in Son

Names that end in 'son' are becoming more and more popular. They usually mean 'son of someone' However, some of these names (bold) possess a different meaning. I think the 'son' names are perfectly usable names. Call me boring but my faves are Harrison and Jackson, Edward was going to be a Harrison for a little while too! :)

There are also female names that end in 'son'. You may be surprised to find out that some of your treasured feminine names are actually derived from masculine names and mean 'son of someone' like Addison and Madison.

PS. Don't you think Season is an adorable little girls name!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Places To Go, Names To Love!!

In relation to one of our last posts "Top Baby Names Around The World" in which we listed names form all around the world, this post takes a different perspective focusing on countries as names. So enjoy the names and we hope that you to like them and are inspired and helped in choosing a name :D


London- One of the worlds most popular cities located within the united kingdom this city is home to fashion greats, urban areas and royalty. This name is great for a middle name to jazz up a plain name or as an understated first name.

Lexington- Lexington Avenue is within Manhattan, New York City. This name can be shortened down to Lexi. It is a powerful name not to be used lightly.

Aspen- Located within Colorado, a ski resort and town unsurprisingly this is a popular American baby name!! This is named after a tree with heart shaped leaves.

Florence- A historical, beautiful and sunny capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany this name means also flowering and blooming. Allow your daughter to shine with this sweet name.

Delancey- This is a city within New York name after an person who held near by land. It contains two variants being Delancie or Delancy. This is a very rare girls name though it certainly is striking!


Baden- This is a historical State on the South West of Germany. "Karl Benz" and "Friedrich Ebert" come from this State. Translated form German it means Bather and in my opinion is a rather cute boys name which is ranked currently 50291st most popular names :D

Brandon- The city of Brandon is situated within Canada. A variant of Brendon it translates to mean brave. Therefore be brave your self and give your son a small town city name.

Brighton- A town on the south coast of England, a city within Colorado, USA and a bay side suburb within Melbourne. I popular name of Old English Origins it was and is often used by parents to indicate a "bright" child or one with a bright personality.

Kingston- Gwen Stefani named her first born Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. Kingston is the largest city of Jamaica and means Kings settlement. SO why not call your little king Kingston?!

Brooklyn- This name is also chosen by a celebrity couple, I'm sure you all know, Victoria and David Beckham as Brooklyn Joseph Beckham. This name is a borough of New York. Its different but its certainly got a ring to it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Question we have been waiting for #2

When growing up I always had favorite names which I had loved from cousins names to movies and t.v. shows. By the age of 12 I had already decided upon my baby names they were to be Mischa, Charlie and Scarlette and not even the possibility of different sex of children could change this choice. Its funny how at this age you stubbornly believe these names will stay your favorite for ever and your feelings will not change. I have three children (none of them holding these names) and all were chosen differently. For all my children I never chose to know the sex so I chose both boys and girls names. One tip i give to everyone to be open to all names. Try not to focus upon one name for when open and free a fabulous name can be created.

My first beautiful baby Kirsty Blair's name was chosen based upon friendship and partnership. My friends names was Kristy a name i love and i think is fantastic. Though this may sound strange to some i wanted to name my daughter after her and so i decided if a girl i would swap the 'r' and 'i' and name her Kirsty. Blaire a unisex name had caught both myself and husbands attention. We loved it for a boy or girl. And when i held her in my arms Kirsty Blair flowed so beautifully that we could not resist. It is a name which went perfectly with our last name with equally beautifully (in our opinion) names tied together, in harmony :D

A few years later i found to be pregnant with twins. It was a surprise and i can tell you a crazy time for myself. Should i choose to go with matching names or names with the same letter. Should there be a theme such as botanical or colour or preppy or anything else. Throughout my pregnancy i confess to be worrying about the names. Names though i realised are not always important. I was lucky to have to healthy children. I had many different ideas such as for a boy Nate, Blake, Edward or Luke. And for girls Ava, Lilly, Aurora or Elle. My husband and myself sat down and sensibly said we would not focus upon names any more until after the birth. We already had our top names and new like with Kirsty when we held our child in our arms the name would be come to us. Therefore we decided upon Blake Louis and Aurora Pearl.

Good luck with naming your child or choosing your favourite names and remember not to panic you have all the time in the world (or 9 months :D) to decide upon the perfect name. Please do tell us your children's name and how your babies names were chosen!!! :D

The Question We Have Been Waiting For

What are the names of your children? I don't think we have heard the story yet!

I'm glad someone asked. And Carrie, I would love to share with you how I decided on the perfect name for my son and I'm sure Laura will share too.

I surprisingly wasn't very formal in my name-picking manner. In fact there wasn't much debate or suggestion until the last 2 months of my pregnancy. However, I don't think that even with formality I could have found a name that I love more than the one we chose.

I Love It!
I can't think of a name more fitting or perfect than Edward Nole. (but back to how we chose it!)

I always liked N names on boys. Nathaniel and Noah would have been on the list if I hadn't married a Nathan or had a close friend with a baby Noah.

I had almost moved on from N names when Nathan mentioned that he had always loved the name Nolan. Nolan, to me, was a good name with character and meant something along the lines of "champion".

However, Nolan did remind me of some more contemporary names such as Kaden, Jaden and relatives and I did usually go with more classical sounding names. I was looking for some variants of Nolan when we both fell in love with Nole. Short and sweet and happy sounding. Similar to Cole, which at the time was ranked the 35th most popular boys name.

I wanted to spell it like Noel but I wasn't allowed (!) because people would think it was pronounced No-elle as in Christmas. So we went with Nole.

Now all I had to do was find a middle name for Nole.

Edward seemed to be a re-occurring name for me at the time and I have always loved this name (okay, only since fight club with Edward Norton). To me, it was classy and strong. I liked it as a middle name because I could still use my favourite name without the possibility of the nickname Eddie which I associated with one of my not so favourite uncles :P.

So I had it, my perfect name - Nole Edward.

It wasn't until Edward was born that Nathan picked up Edward didn't sound the best after Nole. I wanted them to fit so bad! I couldn't change his name now and I had grown so attached to it since it was chosen.

The same day Edward was born that a close friend came to visit me and bubby for the first time. When I told her my problem she said something along the lines of "Yer, I like Edward Nole better that Nole Edward."

So we gave our baby the gorgeous name of Edward Nole. What cha Think?!?!?!?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top Baby Names Around the World

Go outside the borders of your home, city and country. Be adventurous and step outside your comfort zone! come on we dare you consider a name perhaps from a country you love with many happy memories. These names are the top two of girls and boys with the chosen country. Use these names for first or middle names! If theres any particular country you would like which is not listed comment us and it shall be put up shortly :D HAPPY HUNTING!!!

Girls: Maria and Anna

Boys: Giuseppe and Giovanni

Boys: Arjun and Amit

Girls: Maya and Aparna:


Girls: Amarie and Aadi

Boys: L'Angley and Vachel


Boys: Baigh and Paden

Girls: Grier and Dallis

Girls: Hada and Ujana

Boys: Akuji and Aaghaa


Girls: Agaton and Karah

Boys: Hannes and Ville

Boys: Ramelan and Wayan

Girls: Kade and Arti

Boys: Abarron and Zion

Girls: Aaliyah and Abagail

Boys: Saelac and Adalric

Girls: Gabriele and Aili

Xing (girl or boy)

Girls: Jia-Li and Da-Xia

Boy: Cheng and Fai

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Music to my ears

It's me again. I'm back so soon. You were such help with the T names I thought I asked for more help. There's another avenue I'm exploring for naming this baby. My last daughter's name is Jazzi. I thought I could continue with that musical theme. Help, please.


Musical names are wonderfully original and so very classical! I think that its fantastic you are exploring so many different areas for your babies name! This way you truly will find the perfect name :D

When choosing a music name I saw on many sources standard music names such as Melody or Harmony. I believe though that when choosing a name for our friends and those in need we should delve deeper. So I hope these names are more unique, fantastic as well as to your liking!

Allegra- This name is associated with the musical term "allegro" meaning quickly and with a happy air. It can be spelt also as Alegra, your choice!

Serenade- This name is just so lovely and is it just me or is it a peaceful and joyful name?! Shortened to Serena if wanted this name is unique and one of a kind!

Tala- Its a 'T' name :D It is related with rhythm and music and is a type of Indian music. This goes outside western definition of music, which I encourage all to do!

Apollonia -Apollo was the Greek god of sunlight, music, and poetry and this name is the girl version. Its rather an adventurous name but its a name with great potential and great history!

Amity- Harmony is a very important thing within music unless your going for the rocker "i just don't care" sort of band/music. This name is Latin and translates into Harmony. Therefore subtlety and sophisticatedly your using a MUSIC name.

Aria- No not the award :D this is of Hebrew origins and is a song performed by the leading character in an opera. Cute hay?!

Philomela- pronounced I-LOME-LA it means lover of music. So therefore what better way to express your love of music through this name! (Also this name comes from that of a princess who was transformed into a nightingale! sweet huh)

I hope these help in your quest for a name and once again get back to us with your thoughts or any other questions name or otherwise related!!!

And as Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche said "without music life would be a mistake" I think we can say the same for a good name :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Too Trendy Tot's - a T Name of the Tricky Kind

I'm only two months along but I'm pretty sure it will be a girl. I have three other girls what are the odds of this one being a boy? I have considered the name Teavani (pronounced Tay AH vah NEE)Kristine. The middle name is definitely Kristina or Kristine because that's my mother's name. I am definitely going for something unique and that starts with a T. My other daughters names are LaShaea, Acacia, and Jazzi.

Doing this article I have been converted to T names! Normally I would suggest some boys names too but I just couldn't be torn away from the girls names. So If it ends up being a boy you'll have to get back to us.

Trinity - This name has grown on me so much after every time I have heard it. I think it is has a sweet, innocent sort of sound to it. Nicknames of Trin, or Trinny are cute too. This Catholic inspired name also is a favourite among sci-fi authors for wicked chicks with cool superpowers.

Tiarmi - This name is pronounced (Tee- are- mee) and is from Maori origins. As this name has a quite basic sound there are a number of ways you could add life to it with spelling. Teearmi, Tiarrmee, Tiarmy - What ever you Like! (my fave is just Tiarmi though).

Tiona - I would bet my bottom dollar that your little girls will love this! It means Fairy Queen! Won't all the other girls at the fairy parties be jealous! - I would know I'm a Princess (Sarah)

Teige - I quite like the name poet - but I just can't imagine a little poet running around - Teige which means poet, is a much preffered name of mine which means poet. Let if serenade you!

Taffy - So cutee! And so different - I love it! LaShaea, Acacia, Jazzi and Taffy - what a set!

Talahissa - The name of a sea goddess in ancient Greek myth, a variant of Thalassa which is a sylphlike alternative to Theresa. LOVE the nickname Lassi and TK for Talahissa Kristine (okay for all the t names).

Tabina- Tibby - there should be more sisterhood of the travelling pants names out there!

Hope we have been of help to you! Tell us what you think and what you eventually choose when your baby is born.

Oh and if you would like some boy names too!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Food for Thought Anyone? :P

Now its important that you eat your 2 fruit and 5 veggies daily and whats a better reminder than having your very own orange and lettuce to remind you!!!

now perhaps not these names...but what names out there are sweet and nutritious to call your sweetums :D


Cesar- Cesar salad anyone- OK so its hard to find boys name :D- But this is regal and delicious! Have fun using this as a first or middle name!!

Rye: This means bread and is a pretty short snappy and cute name for a baby boy. This is my favourite of the boy food name!!


Cherry: A glossy red fruit which is sophisticated. A timeless name! Eat it fast :D

Clementine: This name is delicate and so in right now! This a citrus fruit which if you really wanted could be teemed with a orange themed nursery.

Priela: This is Hebrew for fruit from God. This is a unique and simple name I just love!

Cinnamon: This is a modern name, from the warm brown-colored spice. An adorable name and ready made nickname.

Olive: Chosen by Isla Fisher for her tot this green fruits name is oh so popular!

Do you side with sweets compared with healthy food! Well i can definitely agree with you. there :D If this is so why not go for a some thing with a little more.. calories?? :P


Hamish (0r ham): Who doesn't love Hamish and Andy?!? So get in the spirit of enjoying your meat and celebrities and nickname your child Ham catchy isn't it?

James (or Jam): This nickname sells the name James, doesn't it :D

Roman- (Romano Cheese): Roman is a fab, masculine name and great to sprinkle on your pasta. Inspiration is everywhere!!


Sunday/Sundae: Used recently by Nicole Kidman for her 1st born Sunday Rose it can be spelt using the day or ice-cream. Either way its delicious and lazy and a cute name for any little girl!

Candace/Candy: This name has lots of added potential. This name sets off plain names such as Candace Jane or Candy Louise.

Coco- Coco Chanel! A living legend! Also used by Monica as shes known from friends for her daughter this name is chocolaty brown and oh so now!

Hazel-This is a simplistic name which makes you want to smile. A colour, a chocolate or a name its perfect!

Now we hope these names don't make you hungry by the end but hopefully it allows you all to explore new names and new meanings! Enjoy exploring till you find your name!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

You-Neake Boiz Naymz!

Maybe you can help! I'm due mach 13th its a boy, but I'm having trouble finding a name for him!

I like the name Elijah but I'm just concerned that's its to popular. I like Z names or names that are unique but not to far out there -you know. Well thanks for helping. O let me add this not that it matters but the baby is bi-racial.

Elijah is about the only one I like from the bible but I'm open to everything.

Lets see Z names I've considered are Zaiden but his ex had a Zaiden so he said no, Zackari. What else lets see I came up with Zaydrian but no seems to like it. Oh and Jaevion. I like anything that's a little different so he won't have the same name as every one else.

Meghan, we would like to send our congrats on your little boy!

I think we have compiled a list that contains a few little 'gems' for you.

1st of all I would like to point out that Zaydrian is less 'homemade' than you might have initially thought. The American name Xadrian, which is pronounced the same as your Zaydrian, is a variant of the name Adrian meaning 'in the Italian village of Hadria'. And I suppose Zay is a nickname for the Hebrew name Zane which means 'God is gracious'.
It seems also fitting that this name comes from different backgrounds just as you and your little boys father do.

Anyways, the best advise I can give to people looking for a name that is unique but not crazily different is that their are plenty of you-neake variants of nice popular names. So if you like the name Elijah and Z names why not Elizah.
Or of Blake tickles your fancy but is a little too popular what about Blaze?
Make a popular name like Jaiden your own by substituting the J for a Z to get Zaiden (looks like your one step ahead of us here). And if you hubby doesn't like this how about Jaizen.

However, we would still like to suggest some news names,

Zeppelin- Okay so this is a little unusual but everyone has heard it thanks to our fave old school rocker! Whilst it does mean Airship, Dirigible or Blimp, the association with flying makes it a wonderful name if you want bub to soar to great heights.

Jaguar- So it doesn't really(at all) fit into your Z name category but it is unusual. I was originally going to suggest Jagger which you might also like as either a name or a nickname.

Zakavvion- so you said that you liked Zackari and Jaevion. In theory if your partner likes both of these names he shouldn't be too frightened by this one. This name is currently ranked 67,375 of 68,285 in the US so it fits your criteria nicely.

Israel - This uber cool place name has been donned by many a Jewish prophet. I like that it sounds alike Isaac or Isaiah which are both popular boys names at the moment.

Halifax - Yes it is the name of a suburb in the UK but give the name a chance! And for those of you who were wondering yes I did steal it from Hal from John Doyle's mini series 'Marking Time'.

Vesper - this unisexual name meaning Midnight Star sounds pretty cool before Javeion (Vesper Javeion)

Ephraim- This name pronounced EF-ram is a biblical name meaning fruitful and unlike Elijiah is not as popular as it should be!

Remember to get back to us and give us some feedback and to tell us what you eventually decide!

PS. don't stress about a name because you don't think it is unique enough or your worried about what other people will think. Pick a name because you love it. However, in Elijah Javeion it is difficult to tell where one name ends and the other begins when saying it outloud. I would suggest choosing a middle name that dosent begin with the same sound as your chosen 1st name to combat this problem.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Short of Ideas! - What we need to know

If you need personal help or need a second opinion feel free to comment or email us at NFATE!

However, when contacting us make sure to leave
1. If possible the sex of your child (though if its a surprise we can offer help on both!)

2. Possible baby names or names you like (e.g. preppy, royal, botanical, creative) - if you dont tell us we can't pick names that we think you might like and it is a hassell following up your emails.

3. The names of your other children (if any)

4. Anything your looking for in a name - eg. Italian Names ect, or certain letters e.g. the letter 'S'

Thanks guys!

First or Last?

Hi all!
I know when i love a name the origin hardly matters... mostly... (unless your calling your child hell i think we can agree it matters then!!! :D). Well I have to say I'm a sucker for last names for first names, especially for boys! So all baby namers out there here are our top last, first names!Enjoy and be inspired!! :P

Cooper:This is the 62nd most common surname. A cute name which is one of my favourite. Tied with any middle name this name stands strong (unless of course your last name is Cooper!! :P)
Avery:This name comes from the French name Alfred and means "elf counsel." How cute is that?!?
Cole:This is the 108th most common surname. Also meaning black this names one syllable is strong and ever lasting
Hart: Open your heart to this last name for your son!! This name is of old English origins, as well as being a surname its the name of an English Saint. Heavenly!
Spencer - This fab name is the 163rd most common surname. Uncommon and original it can be shortened to Spence or changed to Spenser.

Piper- Made famous from charmed. The 1,298th most common surname This names trend is on the rise. Get on board and call your son or daughter piper. Perfect if unsure of the sex of your babe!
Eden - This is a Hebrew name which has history, way back to the beginning of the earth. As the 4,941st most common surname is sure to distinguish your daughters names from her peers. Being two syllables also ensures an easy choice in middle name!
Ivy - The ivy league anyone? 2,097th most common surname it brings to a child nature and style an effective mix!!

I hope these names please all and enjoy exploring this site. If none of the blogs assist you feel free to message us on short of ideas and we will get back as fast as humanly possible!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ages of change

Through out the years different names come in and out of fashion. I think i can say definitely when I was born Laura was largely popular. There were 8 if not more "Laura's" within my year and many other Laura's within the school which made for embarrassing moments when I turned around and answered to people obviously looking for someone else (if you have this problem i have learnt to ignore people saying Laura. Then if they continue to yell and yell and its you who hasn't turned around you are sure its you!!")
As time goes on parents become less conservative and want to name their child with "character building potential" and "individuality". How much have names changed. I thought I would investigate this claim through looking through the most popular names from the 1800s to present!

Ernest and Asa
Virginia and Phoebe
Abraham and Edwin
Lou and Alice
John and William
Mary and Anna
John and William
Mary and Helen
John and William
Mary and Dorothy
James and Robert
Mary And Barbara
David and Michael
Mary and Susan
Michael and Christopher
Jennifer and Amanda
Michael and Jacob
Hannah and Emily
Jacob and Michael
Emily and Isabella
From these name we can see obvious trends of the name "John' "William" and "Michael" and "Mary" for girls.
Judging by the boys names most parents go for very conservative names. I think for a boys it's sometimes best to stay slightly normal, because boys will be boys and if hes named Pegasus Fairy Anne (OK yess a bit crazy and probably not in any ones name book) or Zuma Nest Rock (Gwen Stefani's son) its rather obvious he will get a bit of extra attention from the school bully and his class mates. And if you want to go creative, choose it for a middle name then if your child approves he can let the world know his fantastic name chosen by mum and dad!
Though by personal choice I think you can be a bit freer with girls name choices. Apple was scandalous at the time and yet now people ask why not call your child Apple?
Inspiration for all names is very personal. I think though when deciding upon a name don't look to the top 100 names for 2008 or 2007. Choose a name you are happy with and your husband is happy with (and hope your parents won't be to annoyed at :D) and be content with that. Don't look out to create crazy names to rival the celebs because they get extra publicity you may just get some strange stares. Be happy and fall in love with the name as Sarah and I have done when choosing our children's name!

Obama is Bringing Presidential Names Barack :P

Any of us with any political savvy what so ever should not be surprised when President Elect Barack Obama leaves greatly significant mark on the tapestry of American history and politics.

So after watching the eye's 100's of Americans listening to Obama's acceptance speech fill with tears it shouldn't really be a surprise to us either that the 'family man' has also sparked a baby naming trend.

In the last couple of months the names Barack, Michelle, Malia, Sacha and Obama have becoming widely used throughout not only America but Kenya too. At a single hospital in Kenya in the 3 days following the election, 23 boys were given the first and middle names Barack Obama and 20 girls were named Michelle Obama.

Believe it or not Obama is not the first president that has unintentionally had an impact on the baby naming spectrum. Names that experienced an increase in popularity as a result of American President's include;

Franklin - Moved from 147 on the most popular baby names ranking to number 33 during Franklin Roosevelt's presidency.

Dwight - Became popular in the 1950's under Dwight Eisenhower's rule.

Lyndon - was given to many new baby's during the terms of Lyndon Johnson in the 1960's.

Theodore - hit its peak in the first decade of the 20th century as a result of much loved Theodore Roosevelt.

Lincoln - has been revived a number of times in honour of the 13th American President Abraham Lincoln.

Kennedy - jumped to popularity in the 1990's thanks to much loved JFK.

And the presidential name trend isn't just for boys! Many presidents have impacted on the popularity of girls names too.

Reagan- The Reagan trend for girls started in the 1990s in light of the election of Ronald Reagan.

Madison - By far the most popular, Madison is from president James Madison and broke into the top 10 for girls and peaked at No. 2.

The popularity of presidents can also effect the ranking of their associated names.

Hoover - No. 367 for boys’ names in 1928, the year Herbert Hoover was elected the 31st president. Then the Great Depression started and it dropped to No. 945 in 1931.

Clinton - Clinton, a top 200 baby name for boys in the 1970s and 1980s, still ranked No. 211 in 1992. By 1999, the year after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, it had sunk to No. 664.

And don't be fooled into thinking that President inspired names are always popular. Georgebush was given to the son of devoted republicans Doris and Daniel Neeway earlier this year.

So why not name you little boy Barack or Obama, or your little girl Michelle? I can't think of a good enough reason why not? There is nothing more beautiful than a story behind a name - it makes them even more appealing and whats more appealing than "The man your named after inspired an entire nation and people" - Whatever presidential name your choose. :)

Charmed With the Name Wyatt :p

Hi Sarah and Laura. I literally found out a week a go i was pregnant and ever since then I have been scouring websites to find a name for my little nut sized baby right now :D hahaha

Well if it's a boy I really like the name Wyatt(yes its from charmed but don't judge me :D!), but what middle name could I have with that?

If it helps my first child (a boy) is called Roman Alex.

and suggestions for Wyatts middle name??
any help would be great!



We here at NFATE understand that it is exciting to find out your pregnant. However, if your only a couple of months along we think it is important first of all to consider that you haven't passed the 'safe zone' for miscarriages yet, second of all that it is impossible to be sure of the sex of your baby and lastly if you start choosing names now by the end of your pregnancy chances are you would have fallen out of love with them. Remember, you don't have to make a desicion now!

But we would love to help you find a middle name for Wyatt and even suggest some girls names! - if you would like to get back to us and tell us what your looking for in both a middle name for Wyatt and a girls name if infact Wyatt is a girl.

Always happy to help,
Sarah and Laura

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Names Which Last Forever

Hey guys, I am having a my first baby pretty soon and haven't got a name. I liked Mackenzie which I think is Scottish. And Patrick as well. I tend to quite like names that are a bit out of fashion at the moment and sound a bit sort of dopey. I would love to hear what you guys have to say!Thanks Alannah

Hay Alannah! and congratulations on behalf of us all!! Here are some names we hope work

Boys names

Caspar- Well i just think this name is so cute! Of course you have heard it from Caspar the ghost (not so popular now a days) and its got that cute but dorky edge to it!!

Arthur- The knight at the round table therefore its rather romantic! A noble name which is not so popular today. It is of Celtic origin meaning bear or stone depending on what language you define it within!

Cliff- This name was popular in the 1950s and means what you expected ...a slope. It can also be lengthened to be Clifford. Of old English origins, lets bring Cliff back

Peter- This name was very popular in the 1970s to late 1980s. It is a strong name to be chosen for a strong son.

Girls names:

Millie- Many preferring to go with Lilly I think this name is every bit as special and cute as Lilly. Lengthen it to Mildred, Amelia or Millicent if wanted this according to the US Census is popular first and last name within the 1990s!

Winnie- Winnie the pooh! who doesn't love or adore the cartoon and the name to! A grandma name some could say this name has great potential and in your words dorkiness :D

Alexandra-Sophisticated. This name means mans defender and is of Greek origin. Popular in the1960s this name is forever!

London- This name is different from the ones above but i had to throw it in! I think this name is great as a first or middle name and could be the next Paris! Get in Early to claim this prize name! :D

I hope these names are cute enough and dorky enough for you Alannah!! I had great fun finding these names! We all hope you have a healthy pregnancy!! Comment back if more names are needed!!!

Colourful Language for Your Baby

When saying colourful language i mean baby names of course... which are colours! One inspirational place to look for names is on a colour chart.
These types of names are different, original and always bright! A colour can be described by more than one world such as "yellow" or "red" so to give you are hand in choosing vibrant name I've chosen the top ten colour names!

Girls names:

Saffron: A bright orange/yellow colour dye. There are also 4 variant forms your can spell this sunny name, these being: Saffran, Saffren, Saffronia and Saphron.

Silver: Yes i know this name for a lot of people is way off key, but I think that even if not for a first name it creates a really original and beautiful name if used as a middle name. Dare a little and let your daughter glitter.

Blanche- The colour of this name is pure white and also nicknames with "blond". This is a highly sophisticated colour name which is Old French.

Peach- This is a very rare girls name which colour is a mix of pink and orange. A soft colour as is the name (which is also a fruit, so you can be apart of both the craze of colours and fruits)

Scarlette - (or Scarletta, Scarlet) the meaning of this name is red. Its a fiery name which will give you little girl extra character. Celebrities with the same name include Scarlet Johanson.

Boys name

Indigo- A deep purple, this is an exotic name for girl or boy. Indigo however for a boy paints a picture of a Gentlemen and Strength.

Jett- This refers to the colour black. Its short and sweat being simply charismatic.

Jasper- This is a Persian name and is associated with the colours of red, brown or yellow. Its light and enigmatic a pefect name for any boy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Why we Love Baby Name Blogging

Recently Tara from A Name by Any Other - Rose sent us an email. She said "Can't wait to here more about what you love about names and why you blog about them".Which got us thinking about all the reasons we love names.

And here they are - all the reasons why we've put our kids to bed early and left our tax returns to the last minute in order to blog about names. :D
  1. It is so beautiful for to be involved with parents life at such a beautifully momentous stage of their lives.
  2. It is even more beautiful for them to tell you "Thanks so much for helping us. Thanks to your suggestions our daughter will now be Claribelle Sierra."
  3. Names have such a profound effect on the person one becomes. So many times have I met someone and been told "Yer, you look like a Sarah". Mabey if I hadn't been Sarah Louise (Princess Warrior) and say...Sarah Monique (Princess Advice) I would have different personality traits than the ones I have.
  4. Every single name has a different meaning. First names with middle names create such a unique message for the world.
  5. There is so much more to each individual name that its face value. Every name has a meaning, a significance to a certain person, a history, people who have carried it before and connotations or things we associate with the name.
  6. Every one has a different taste for each name. It isn't often that you will get different parents liking exactly the same names for all their kids.
  7. In spite of differences in tastes other parents respect the names other choose to give to their kids. It is so lovely to see respect and consideration of other people.
  8. Every one needs names. They are an absolute necessity - Imagine a life without names!
  9. Coming from an artistic family I always felt a bit left out of the club. My ex-fashion designer mom was born of 2 art teachers and often boasts about having 2 of her paintings in some prestigious exhibition, my brother was, and still is, a whiz at guitar and mandolin and won 2 high school music scholarships and my father has the wit of Hamish from Hamish and Andy.* I never really had an art form untill I fell in love with baby names which in my opinion is an art from.
  10. Lastly, I had such fun naming my little boy I couldn't just wait for another baby - I have to feed the addiction. :)


Renesmee Tracey & Raylene - The Key to Finding Truly Unique Names

So sorry to all the closet 'Twilight Moms' who will hurriedly read this post after seeing the name Renesmee but this post isn't about twilight names. Its just that as far as names go the name Renesmee has struck a chord with me lately. It's just so unique. A word that is becoming more and more relevant as baby naming evolves.

So after doing a little "market research" I have been hearing the word a lot. Apparently it is what all expectant parents are looking for in a name. But if all expectant parents are looking for are unique names then unique names can't possibly be unique after after all because everyone will have them. This begs the question; by searching for uniqueness do we commit ourselves to be ordinary?

I remember chatting to my Nan about this when I was 6 months pregnant. She told me that when choosing a name for my mother, her and my grandfather fell into the pattern of basing their decision on the unique qualities of names. Eventually when they settled on Tracey they were satisfied that it would be unique to their baby. It turns out that Tracey would be one of the most popular names for that year.

So to prevent your unique name from becoming popular it would be a good idea to just invent a name-ish sounding name right? I would have thought so too - until recently.

I have met many Raylene's of Baby Boomer age and never once considered them to have a unique or unusual name. However, unbeknown to me, Raylene is an invented Australian name and I would bet the parents of Raylene # 1 settled on such a name because they wanted little Raylene to be unique. Little did they know that she would be unique regardless of the popularity of her name.

Which brings me back to Renesmee. I know it's a bit dorky for me to know this but the name Renesmee is a combination of Renee and Esme and was chosen by her parents Bella and Edward because it was a unique name for their unique half vampire, half human baby - which to me feels appropriate. Now whilst the author of Twilight might be experiencing a bit of fan backlash for choosing such a 'weird' name at the moment, eventually parents will continue to search for something even more unique and will invent a name even 'weirder'. By that time Renesmee will be another Raylene or Tracey and look like plain old Tom next to Bono's Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q. Then in time, if the human race survives that long, according to all those who advocate the slippery slope argument, Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q might make it into the top 100 names!

So I advise you, don't pick a name simply because nobody else's kids will have it. Pick a name because you love it. Then, if it turns out your name isn't as unique as you thought it was, you will love it anyway. It may have sucked being 1 of 9 Sarah's in high school but I would rather that than don a name like Glorcy or Nancia (Nancy + Gloria)to the playground if my parents had opted to do what Bella and Edward did. So maybe then, if we are not trying to be unique, we are being truly unique! It doesn't matter anyway because every body is UNIQUE!!!! :D

Love and Happy Naming!,

PS. I know their are some of you rolling your eye's in disgust at the mention of twilight. And it is for you I would like to clarify that the name Renesmee is pronounced (Ruh-Nez-May) and was a name created to honour Bella mother Renee and Edwards mother Esme.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Name by Any Other - Rose

We would like to make a mention to fellow baby name blogger Tara from A Name by Any Other - Rose

Tara is another Mom who has fallen in love with the baby naming process and just wants to help you find a name that you will fall in love with too!

Please check out her blog to see for yourself what a top rate blogger she really is!

We look forward to 'blogging out' with Tara and discussing our favourite names and what we love about them!

Sarah And Laura

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finding a name for Estebans brother or Sister

Hi guys, I have just found out I am pregnant with my 2nd child and in a bit of a sticky!For our first child, a boy, we went with the name Esteban the spanish version of steven because my husband is spanish. It isn't a name you hear much around here which makes it hard to pick another name to match it. How could i possibly have James brother to Esteban or Caitlin sister to Esteban. Will you help me pick a spanish names or two for our next one? We are keeping the sex a surprise!


Well Victoria you have certainly given us a challenge and let me say what a unique name Esteban is and we understand the importance of finding also a unique name for your second child. Here are some suggestions we hope are right for your bundle of joy!

Boys name- As Esteban is Spanish We thought that names originating from countries other than Australia, American and England were essential to go a little European!

Julio: This is a variant of Julian and Julius and in my onion goes great with Esteban and is not quite as popular as it should be. Its short, its sweet its European!

Vincentio: I'm sure many of you find this name familiar as it comes from the Shakespearean play measure to measure. I think this is a distinguished name which if pleases you can be shortened to Vince or Vincent. I think the 'o' on the end gives that more good baby name factor though! :D

Emmet: Usually I wouldn't suggest going for same name children but in this case i think they go well together. Emmett is a last name and a location so why not make it your babies name. It means universal which it certainly is.

Girls name- For girls may advice is simple, stylish and forever.

Roschella: This is a very different name, coming from Rochelle meaning rest and little rock (yes a strange meaning). However this is French and German allowing yourself and hubby to use names from all over the world creating something unique and special within your family- universal baby names!

Isla: This is a Scottish name which means river. Those sharing this name include Isla Fisher and Isla Glenn National Park. Be the first to have this amazingly simple and beautiful name. It truly is a pair with Esteban

Iris: Another 'I' name meaning Rainbow. How sweet and how happy your child will be to have this meaning for a name. Very popular within Ireland this names is on the rise!

Isabella: And its an I name again (this was not on purpose :D). Isabella or Belle is a classical name you can never go wrong with. This is also a Spanish, Latin name and therefore allows you to follow your first child's trend of Spanish names!

Good luck with choosing and if none of them take your fancy comment back and we will find some more! Anything to help everyone choosing the perfect baby name!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Watch this space

Hi everyone! As a new space we all hope that your enjoying it and its helping with all your important choices!
As a bit of a laugh and to celebrate the upcoming movie of Twilight we though we would list the best and worst names of the Twilight series! Join in and tell us what names you have heard or read in books which is crazy and simply not the norm! Watch this space as we will dig the dirt!!

Names from Adam to Eve

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finding a Middle Name for Claribelle

Hi. I was searching the web and came across your website. I was hoping you could help me. I'm 8 months pregnant and myself and hubby are having problems choosing the name. My other children are Elle Marie, Cooper James and Saffron May. Its a girl and we are calling her Clarabelle but we have no idea what goes with the name, any ideas? Thanks - Rosalie.
Hi Rosalie. Congrats on being our 1st inquiry!

And congrats on your little one! PS. You didn't happen to get the name Claribelle from our website did you?!?!?! :D

I think I have a bunch of names that might be suitable for teeny tiny Claribelle. Tell us what you think huh and what you finally choose!

Sierra - This is a little cute huh? A variant of Kiara and kind of similar to the 'oh so now' Sienna but less common. Meaning 'mountain' in Spanish and in my opinion fits perfectly with Claribelle.

Avery- So you have a Cooper which is derived from a surname so why not Claribelle Avery (also derived from a surname). Whist it does translate to Alfred in French, which means Elf Council, I think Avery is a much more feminine names than a masculine one. Plus if Claribelle turns into a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fan she'll just love you for it!

Lilac- Like Saffron, Lilac is a fairy unusual botanical name. It isn't even registered on my favourite baby name website! However, it was used by model Kirsty Hume and actor Donovan Leitch for their little girl.

Pearl- My favourite for decorating my earlobes and gorgeous for a little girl. Pearls are repeatedly used as a metaphor for something of value in the bible. Claribelle will certainly be something of value after all.

Paige- Claribelle Paige has a sweet little ring to it don't you think?

Leila- Pronounced either Lay-La or Lee-La and means Night in Arabic. I thought that this name has similar characteristics to May. Also Claribelle means Bright so you have to giggle and admire Claribelle Leila, a Bright Night.

Thanks for you question! Hope you like you names!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Royal names part 2- Boys

Want a noble name for your little knight? Here are our top choices:

William: A classic name which we can safely say has not gone out of fashion. William the Conqueror invaded England bringing about Norman culture and political change and reform in 1035 AD. A name with this much history has to be a winner, also the name of the charming 2nd in line of England.

Alexander: Alexander the Great was an Ancient Greek king. He was one of the most successful military commanders of all time. This noble name can be shortened to Alex, Xan or Xander. We hope your noble son won’t bring about as much war in your family.

Harry: King Henry VIII nicknames “Harry” by his close companions is not renowned for his “women skills” but how can you not love this name? He was a tough leader, passionate always about his religion. Your child’s name will have history oozing out of it.

Edward: This name is classy, elegant and totally royal. Edward the Confessor is regarded as the patron saint of kings, difficult marriages, and separated spouses and for some time Saint of England. This name not so frequent currently can allow your babe to be the new trendsetter.

Napoleon: French military and political leader Napoleon had and has a significant impact on the history of Europe. He was a general during the French Revolution, the ruler of France within the new French Republic and Emperor of the First French Empire. This name shouts style and is perfect for first or middle names.

Royal Names Part I - Girls

If you want your little tacker to grow into a strong and driven character then it seem wise to give a same that they can grow into that reflects this personality trait.

Why not consider the name of a Royal? It was often these people that would bring about much change and fervour during their time, displaying much strength and drive. Therefore it makes sense to pick the name of a Royal for your baby who in your eyes is Royalty.

For girls may i suggest;

Claribel - So whilst Claribel is not technically a real-life Royal she is a Queen. Wife to the King of Tunis and Daughter to Antonio in Shakespeares play The Tempest, and we all know the Duke of Milan would have nothing but the best name for his daughter. Plus how cute is Belle for a nick name.

Elizabeth - A bit typical i know but there are so many cute dimunitives. Bess, Beth, Eliza, Liz, Eli and the list goes on. Queen Elizabeth I has been one of the most popular rulers of her day and whose face has now become a romantic symbol of a nations resistance to foriegn threat.

Blanche - Blanche of Castile who weed the Louis VIII of France first showed her value as queen when her husband attempted to claim on her behalf the throne of England. Despite a united nation against him she supported him. She also raised the now sainted, Louis IX having lost 6 of her 13 children already. Now wouldn't you be proud if your little Blanche accomplised all this?

Beatrice - This name is due for a revival and has been vastly popular in preivious times. I quite like Beatrix too with the cute nickname of Trixe. Whilst we all might have divided opinions over Princess Beatrice daughter to Fergie, you cannot deny that this is a family that has put up with much gossip and speculation. We shouldn't let that effect the adorability of the name. Good Luck to 'em.

Mathilda - How cute is a little tilly or tilda running around. Queen Mathilda of Scotland was also and inspirational figure. Famous for not wearing shoes to church during lent and kissing and washing the feet of the sick and poor. She later became known as Patron of the Arts for a use of poetry and music in her court. Gourgeous!

Short of Ideas?

We understand that naming your child is a hard and long process to complete and we would simply love to help!

Maybe you have the perfect first name but can't find any middle names to match.

Maybe you have the perfect name for you first born but cant think of any names for your second born.

Maybe your having twins and want to find a nice set of matching names.

Or Maybe you want a second opinion on your possible chioce.

Whatever it is we would love to help! Just comment this post with your question and we should get around to answering it soon.

If you don't have a blogspot account please email us on

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's in a Name?

We know the dilemma - you want a name that is nice but not too common or too weird. Plus it has to be a name that you both agree on.

There are an endless amount of names out there. You have to choose one that I think, embodies the characteristics of a nice piece of classic music. The name you choose has to be modern but timeless, unique yet not too different, lovable yet not too typical, and strong yet classy. Ultimately you need to give your bundle of joy a name that reflects just that; that he or she is a bundle of joy.

It is here we we would like to help! Having gone through the experience ourselves, we would like to give you our assistance in choosing the perfect name to give a recognisable message to the world.

So here goes, we are going to share ideas, opinions and inspiration about baby names through our posts. It will be a enlightening and fun experience. We can't wait!

Sarah and Laura