Monday, January 26, 2009

Stuck in the Middle

I really like the name Rose. It is strong, yet pretty and elegant at the same time. I would love to use this name if I ever have a girl.


You see I can't help feeling that Rose is becoming such a throwaway middle name. Every little girl I meet now is Lilly Rose, Abigail Rose, Sienna Rose...

And with all these little Whoever Rose's around I can't help feel that people are taking the name Rose for granted.

Sure it conveys a certain pattern with most names but by using it as a middle name all the time I think it looses its meaning. I don't think "Oh Rose what a lovely choice for a middle name" anymore. I think "Oh another girl with the middle name Rose! How original!".

In fact Rose as a middle name has become entirely meaningless for me. People aren't choosing Rose because it is a lovely name. They are choosing it simply because it compliments their chosen first name.

I now group it with Anne, Louise, Jane, Marie, May, Eve and Grace. Which are all lovely names in their own right. Don't force them to wind the stage curtain for your chosen first name - Let them Shine!

So, New Rule; If you wouldn't use it as a first name and absolutely love it - Don't use it as a middle name!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Trend Arising

So I was ready an article in some out-dated trashy magazine whilst waiting for the doctor the other day when I happened to come across an equally tasteless photo in which new baby girl clashed terribly with Peter Andre and Jordan's fake tans.

Name: Princess Tiaamii.

Nothing wrong with this name. I Don't like it but obviously Peter and Jordan do otherwise it would not have been chosen.

In fact I do believe I have suggested Tiarmi on this blog before. It is in fact a Maori name.

However, that's not why this article had me captivated. Tiaamii was chosen by Mum and Dad because it is a combination of their mothers names Thea and Amy.

The practice of combining the first names of the grandparents of the child is not a new concept. It was first introduced to us in Twilight where Renee and Esme were combined to create Renesmee.

And my forecast is that this practice will become the new Ava and Aidan's.

I just hope that not all of these combinations will be so unusual. Hopefully somewhere Beth's son will have a baby girl with Eliza's daughter. Or the children of Will and Liam will bring a little boy into the world.

Elizabeth and William that is by the way. Just in case classic names have become a foreign language.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Are your sure?

Are you sure you really want to name you child that? A name which will stay with them for their entire life? I'm referring of course to celebrity names.

I've heard original names, I've heard strange names and recently I've heard names which i swear are not even names just words substituting as a name.

I recently heard a very strange name used by a minor celebrity. The name is Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. Different huh? I think the name says it all!!

Here are some more different names adopted by celebrities

- Hopper by Sean Penn (b)

- Pilot Inspektor by Jason Lee (g)

- Jermagesty by Jermaine Jackson (b)

- Moxie CrimeFighter

these are just a few strange names out there. Sarah and I when searching some websites found some very strange suggestions for baby names which made us literally laugh out loud.

- Tranquility

- Peacefulness

- Humbleness

Names which are nouns, places, verbs everything seem to be on the rise. I just wonder what names are going to be used next to trump the other celebrity names. I think for sure we can say that in the media there is a fight between all celebrities to trump each other for weirder wackier and more "original" names. Continue i say it gives us all a bit of a laugh and some gossip to discuss with our friends!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Upholding Tradition, A sister for Logan and Brianna.

Hi! I have enjoyed reading your naming blog and I'm wondering if you can give us a second opinion. I'm six months along with a baby girl. We like traditional names with traditional spellings, nothing too unique or creative. We have a son named Logan Andrew (2 years old) and had a daughter named Brianna Dawn who only lived a short time after her birth this past Valentine's Day.For this baby, we are considering the names Emily Kate and Audrey (don't have a middle name for Audrey yet) ... we prefer a girl name that doesn't end in "ana" to be a very different name from Brianna. It's so hard to pick another girl name -- Brianna was a favorite name. Can't decide if Emily is too popular... although we don't know of many in our area. Any help or advice would be great! Thanks!

Hi Kim, we are happy to hear about your pregnancy. However, it is also sad to hear about the loss of Brianna. Valentines day will now be even more special as a result of your little angel. Best of luck with it all :). Also sorry this took a while to compose.

Oh, and glad you like our blog! Hopefully you will like it even more after we answer your query.

As for name advice for the name of your third child we would be delighted to help. I think Emily Kate is beautiful name for a little girl and I wouldn't be concerned about Emily being too popular (its for a reason you know). It is a gorgeous name and if you really love it then it is one hundred percent right to use it. Don't let what the crowd is doing effect your choice.

Audrey is also a darling name. It makes me think of Diamonds! It also shares its meaning with Brianna. They both mean Noble. Entirely appropriate. I really like the variant Aubrey too and would like to suggest a few possible middle names. Any of these name could also be sweet little first names. But in my opinion Audrey Kate does have that ring doesnt it?

Clarice- I really love the meaning of this name, Illustrious, as well as the sound. It just feels elegant. A perfect match with Audrey which is often associated with the epitimy of elegance Ms. Hepburn. Even if it is Jodie Foster's character in the Silence of the Lambs Audrey Clarice radiates class. My favourite :D!

Celeste - Another C name that puts the usual choices for middle names to shame. This Latin name meaning Heavenly kicks the pants off Audrey May!

Pearl - I have suggested this name before but for good reason, it is a really sweet middle name. I hope that Pearl will catch on as a middle name as names such as Rose, Grace, Louise and Marie have done now.

Elise - The short form of the name Elizabeth which I think, has an innocent cutesy quality to it perfect after Audrey.

Grace - A popular middle name that seems to convey rhythm with ninetynine percent of first names.

Hope you like them! Do tell us if you would like some more suggestions or advice.