Sunday, March 29, 2009

Name Trend

I'd bet my bottom dollar that this name will appear in the Australian top 100 for this year. I'm seeing it every where. In the paper there is at least one a week.

Now I doubt in America her popularity will rise to as greater heights as in Australia due to the state. But I might be wrong - how many little Dakota's are there?


She is a unisex American name meaning land of Indians and is famously worn by everybodys favourite George Lucas character Indiana Jones. I don't mind it - I prefer it on a boy though. That's probably because of Indiana Jones. Regardless, its use on girls has become vastly popular here in Perth.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Months, birth stones and now even days of the week. Time is becoming increasingly popular for parents choice in names. All you need to say now is "Sunday" and everyones mind strays to Sunday Rose (more commonly known as Sunday Roast), Nicole Kidman and Keith Urbans first child together.

Months have been commonly used, as has foreign spelling of month names. Here are some of the most commonly used Month names.

French April

I haven't included this name but another month name I heard used recently was January. I guess if your using March, April, May why not add another month. I wonder if soon February, October and also December will be used as names. I guess anythings possible

Birth stones
With obvious relation to months boyfriends often use their knowledge of their girlfriends birth month to buy thoughtful gift. Thank god my birth stone is a diamond :D

Garnet/Garnet- Dark red gemstone of January
Amethyst- Purple jewel of February
Ruby - Red gem of the month December
Opal -
Topaz- November

Seasons (even this title "season" is used) are growing popular as baby names. Celebrity Summers including O.C character played by Rachel Bilson, and Winter, recently used by Nicole Richie as Harlow Winter Kate.


As stated previously days of the week are also growing popular.

Sunday - Sunday, the day of rest, used by Nicole Kidman
Friday – Harry Friday- definitely individual this was used by Simon Baker for his boy

Mythological usage

Marcella- Roman God names March was named after

Maia - nymph mother of Hermes, month of May named after her

Star signs:

Leo- the lion of course which is the star sign of July 24-August 23

Aries- March 21- April 20

Sorry there mostly girls but if you have any more names to add please drop us a comment.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Names in the Papers This Week

Saturday's paper is the perfect time to share with the world birth notices and are often used to thank friends and family and doctors and congratulate those closest to you. Within these birth notices we see the trends and rising names. Here are some of the names this week

Boys names

Riley/ Ryley x5

Archer x2



Harrison 2x


Girls names

Ryley x3

Grace x2






Lilly- Lillian x4

The names appearing with boys as always it a mix between new, old and strange. Riley/Ryley for girls and boys is so so so popular. For me though it will always be associated with a horse of my cousins who threw me off and starting crazily cantering around and around the field with me on it aged 10 at the time. I'm not liking the change in spelling of the classic "Thomas" for me it should be spelt with a 'h' it looks strange and uncouth as if they just don't care. Malachy now this is definitely different if a tad strange. It is an Irish saint though and went with Hamish (Hamish Malachy) so i guess we can take a punt and guess there Irish and let it slide. I'm liking Archer though and can see its rising.

Girls names seem to be using allot of hyphenating to throw 2 names together the parents love. I don't mind it but often the names don't mesh and sound like first and middle name. I'm loving Lilly and thinking Lucinda is quite cute with the nickname Lucy. Grace is very popular one family not even wanting the their daughters nickname to stem form grace and going straight for Gracie- sorta cute but when older wouldn't it be nice to have the option between grace and Gracie?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gone with the Wind!

I was going to do a post on my favourite literary names until I realised that pretty much all the names I liked came from Gone with the Wind. Not your typical literary names. No Edward's or Catherine's for a start. I do like Catherine though and I obviously love Edward enough to use it for my own son.

So here they are. All the best Gone with the Wind names and a little background into the characters and their names. My favourite is Ashley on a boy - On the list.

Scarlett O'Hara - The strong willed protagonist is known for her beauty and is the daughter of the Tara Plantation owners Gerald and Ellen. This name has become rather popular of late, Mel C from the spice girls recently used this name for her baby girl.

Melanie Hamilton Wilkes - Ashley's good-hearted wife. Meaning black and originating is Greece this little name doesn't rank in the top 100 in America. She is a sweet obscure little choice with just enough familiarity.

Prissy - The short form of Priscilla. Such a cute name! In Gone with the Wind Prissy is the lie-prone slave at the Tara Plantation. This girl little name matches the style of some of the most popular names of today.

Bonnie Blue Butler - Her real name is Eugenie Victoria and she is the beautiful and pampered daughter of Scarlett and Rhett. An appealing choice. It literally means 'Pretty Girl' and too me this just adds to the appeal.

India Wilkes - I love this name! Right at the top of my list. Whist India Wilkes isn't a favourable character in the book you must agree she had a gorgeous name. India is Ashley's sister who bitterly hates Scarlett for sabotaging her relationship with Stuart.

Honey Wilkes - Honey is Jamie Oliver's youngest daughters middle name and is sister to Ashley and India in Gone with the Wind.

Rhett Butler - Scartlett's third husband and a little bit of a rebel. He is at times, a loving father and husband but pride prevents him from showing his affection. To me this has a bit of a hippy vibe whist maintaining a classical feel.

Ashley Wilkes - Yes, that is on a boy. Believe it or not Ashley is a BOYS names. This one is definitely on my list. Ashley is the handsome and chivalrous love interest of Scarlett's. Please Oh Please don't feminise this name!

Wade Hampton Hamilton - Scarlett and Charles Hamilton’s shy, timid son. Wade has English origins and means Traveller. I think Wade would be a nice choice for Chase's brother.

Jonas Wilkerson - This Hebrew name means dove. He was the father of Emmie Slattery's illegitimate baby. This name was recently used for one of the octuplets.

Beau Wilkes – Melanie's and Ashley's lovable son, delivered by Scarlett. I love the meaning of this name; Handsome or Beautiful. Could be used as the short form of Beauregard or Beauchamp.

Other Gone with the wind names:
- Gerald
- Ella
- Will
- Belle
- Emmie
- Careen
- Suellen

Friday, March 6, 2009

No frills - Classic yet unusual.

Hay there! So I'm searching and searching and I still just can't find the right name. We've toyed with like so many names like Shiloh (its a girl), Clementine, Zelda and now we are thinking Seraphine. The middle name has to be Lucia because its a name passed down. Cheers!


Thanks for your inquiry. I have gathered a couple of little gems that I think capture the no frills, classically rare style I saw in your other names. Good luck with your pregnancy and hope you like the names. Remember to tell us what you think?!?

Ottilie - O-til-lie is of french origin. I have been hearing this one alot lately and I think I quite like it.

Beatrix - Trixe, Bea, Trix, Bee, the nicknames are endless. Beatrix Lucia sounds just adorable!

Lavender - Whenever I heard this I think of Mrs Lavender Irving from the Anne of Green Gables Series.

Portia - Shakespearean names are pretty cool I reckon and this ones a fave of Laura's.

Cordelia - I have loved this since Anne of Green Gables. Same vibe as Clementine and Seraphine

Iolanthe - Strong, Classic, no frills. If you like Xanthe but find it a bit too made up this is perfect.

Zephyrine - Meaning west wind and originating in Greece. This is a name that is bound to stand out. Pronounced Zef-r-ine.

Olive - Another no fuss little name. A version of the highly regarded Olivia and recently used by Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yes We Look Different!

Thanks to Belle & Boo for the gorgeous artwork! What do you reckon? Cute as?

I think so.

The girl is Patience. Lovely; girly yet strong. On my list.

The boy is nameless. I think I like Christopher for him. I love this name! But the nickname of Cris is so... "Teenage Drama Show" (The OC comes to mind). Maybe in the middle spot?

So make Patience and Christopher welcome!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Well we've just finished the labor day weekend here in Perth and recently myself and Sarah have been debating over some Australian names for babies. Whether you love them or hate them there are a lot of "Aussie" baby name choices out there, so if you want to go down under with your name choice here are some names derived from people and places.

Adelaide is cute girls name which has been used by Aussie Actress Rachel Griffith. This of course is the name also of the capital city of South Australia.

Victoria is a state within Australia its capital being Melbourne. Victoria as well as being a state is widely used by Royalty in England (Queen Victoria).

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and is a male name. Its been used by Prime Ministers (Stanely MELBOURNE Bruce pm from 1923-1929)

Sydney is a common enough boys or girls name and a city within Australia. Such monuments associated with Sydney include the Sydney harbour bridge. It can also be spelt Sidney or Cydney

Banjo of course is listed here because of the poet Andrew Barton "Banjo" Patterson and is also used by Rachel Griffith for her sons name (really continuing Aussie spirit :D). He was a poet and author stylistically renounced for his bush culture stories such as the Man from Snowy river.

Edmund Ive put this name here because it is the name of the first prime Minister of Australia Edmund Barton. And is not that bad a name. A variant of the ever so popular name Edward.

Billy This is a variant of William which is popular in Australia. It reflects the larikkin and playful identity of Australia. Also was the nickname of a controversial p.m William "Billy" Hughes.

Dingo an Australian animal which is also able to be a male name also. Would defiantly not be my first choice but every ones different

Matilda though of German origins this has become as "aussie" name through the song Waltz sing Matilda. Nick names being Tilly or Tilda this name has been used by celebrities such as Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams and constantly graces the pages of birth announcements.

Australia and to be totally unoriginal if you really want an Australian name for your daughter why not choose Australia? they will definitely get the message.

If there are any other names you love which are Australian let us know!