Friday, September 18, 2009

Our Baby Girl

Edward Peter Nole is so happy to finally be a Big Brother and can't stop showering his little sister with kisses and cuddles. I can see why too, our baby girl is so beautifully delicate and is so terribly loved.

And to me, her name is the most beautiful name yet.

Rosemary Flora Claire enterted the world on the 6th of September a couple of weeks earlier than we anticipated and like her, her name is adored.

'Remy' gets her name from her Great Great Grandma Mary, her Great Grandma Victoria Mary, both of her Great Auntie Maria's, her Great Great Nanna Elizabeth Mary Royal, her Great Great Aunty Claire and her Great Great Auntie Rosina.

Rosemary is perfectly settled into the world already. When she isn't sleeping peacefully, playing happily with her big brother or eating plentifully she has her eyes wide open looking around her new home.


Marilyn said...

Congratulations!! She is SO beautiful---with a beautiful name to match. I just love Rosemary, and the sweet nickname Remy. How great that you get to honor so many of her grandmothers this way. I'm so happy for you! Good luck with the adjustment to TWO sweet children.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. What a gorgeous name! She is so pretty.

Millikate said...

Remy's gorgeous. And fabulous name. Love it.

Chaneltara said...
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Chaneltara said...

Oops, I deleted my first post...
Oh My gosh! How wonderful! Congrats!
Of course I love Rosemary and Remy, lol! It will be funny that we both will have a Rosemary (Remy)!

Flora Claire is wonderful with it! (I am actually throwing around Florence Claire/Clara, lol!)

(If you want to vote for my Rosemary, here's my list!

Janet said...

Such a lovely name and a gorgeous baby girl! Her name is so perfectly matched with her brothers too

Good luck with everything.

Ps. Love your Blog

Anna said...

What a beautiful name for a darling wee girl congrats :)

Laura said...

Rosie (Sarah keep's telling me off for calling her that :D) is adorable! Sarah is so thankful for all your well wishings!!