Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lou Sulola

Heidi Klum (soon to be Heidi Samuel) and Seal Samuel's awaited fourth child has arrived, Lou Sulola.

Lou is certainly short, sharp and cute and goes with her choice in nickname for daughter Leni.

I thought why not use Lou as a nickname and call her daughter Louise, Louisa, Louella, Eloise, Lois, or even Louisiana.

Her other children as follows:
  • Helene "Leni"
  • Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu
  • Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo

She's used less middle names for little Lou but this goes in accordance with Leni's lack of middle name I suppose. There's not much on the name Sulola. It is an african name to honour Seal's heritage and like the other children's middle names it has personality!

Lou Sulola is a pretty adorably name! The family can even lengthen it to Loulou! One thing for sure Louise or Lou will increase in name popularity after Heidi and Seal have used it.

Congratulations guys!

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