Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Lo

A reader, Karin Marie has a little girl named Amerie Lynette and is looking for a girls name for baby number 2 - "Lo".

Her favourites are Eloise, Rosemary/Rose/Rosemarie, Harlow, Opal, Pearl/Perla, June, Marigold, Aurora, Jainey, Estelle/Estella, Rene/Renee, Iris, Isla, Hazel, Esme, Mariella, Wrenn, and Fern.

And wants to incorporate a family name such as Ann, Francis, Carol, Coral, Poppy, Betty, Jane, Ruth, Mary or Marie.


Sorry for the very very very late late late reply but little Rosemary has been keeping me on my toes.

Firstly, can I just say that you have fantastic taste and it goes without saying that I think Rosemary is a super little girls name! Eloise too was on our final girls list - and it gives you your nickname Lo. Poppy and Jane are also beautiful. But please, please don't put her in the middle spot.

I think any of the names you like could work really well. Isla, Esme and Hazel are stylistically symmetrical with Amerie. Though I would discount Fern and Wren, which for me, are a bit too..."hippie" for Amerie's sister.

I'm liking the idea of Caroline. Perhaps Coraline? You get the family meaning, as well fitting in perfectly with Amerie's name in an unexpected way. Come to think of it a Caroline could easily shorten to Lo.

Frances, for the family meaning and the sound, could work smashingly. Frances has the "F" element of Fallon as well as the "Ann" sound. And its Grandpa's middle name! But if your after something a bit more feminine why not Francesca?

Speaking of Ann, it seems to be that you have your heart set on a version of Ann. Though I would not recommend Annette. Lynette and Annette are both lovely names but the "-nette" theme might be a bit over doing it.

I have suggested a few other "Ann" names below to put in the middle spot (or otherwise if you change your mind about the a's).

Hope you like the names I have suggested. Good luck with your little girl. She must be coming soon (if she isn't already here)!






Annarose - A soft name that honour's both your sister and Nanna Carol Rose

Angela or Angelina or Angelica - my fave's Angelica


Nancy - My favourite Ann-Spin-off. She's so perfectly vintage and sooo due for a comeback!

Betsy - Love it! In honour of Nanna Betty. I suspect this one will be coming back real soon.

Jeanine - This could be another way (outside of Janet) to honour Jane


Rosabel - another darling way to get Rose and honour Auntie Carol

Dolores - I can almost see you looking straight over this one without considering it. But think of the nicknames. Lo, Lolita and Dolly are all beautiful. Dolores has really started to grow on me and you are guaranteed she will be with only one in her class.

Penelope (Poppy is a logical diminutive, Lo is too and I LOVE this name SO MUCH!)





Flora -just darling, my Rose's sweet middle name and another way to get Lo.





Phoebe - a smashing sister for Amerie! Adore them together!

Pictured: The Linnet Bird for baby Amerie Lynette.

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