Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Austin and Olivia's Brother

I found you through the baby name snob's website. Maybe you can help us!
We're expecting our 3rd child, the second boy, in as few as 5 weeks. We've been looking at names for months, and this child does not have a name. Our other children's names are Olivia and Austin and our last name starts with an A.

We prefer names that are "normal", but not super trendy. We tend to like the status of Austin's name on the charts. Not too popular, but not unheard of.

More than likely, the baby's middle name will be Daniel, after my little brother. But, we're stuck on the first name. Some we like, but aren't sold on are:

Weston (didn't know if this was too close to Austin)

Any advice or thoughts on our name list?
Thanks! Tracy


Hi Tracy

I'm loving your brainstorming. My favourite from your list would be Max, but what about the long version Maxwell or Maximilian.

From your brainstorming I think that Isaac, Olivia and Austin go great. The names really flow and Isaac Daniel sounds great.

I don't think that Weston is to close to Austin, but it doesn't seem to blend as well with Olivia as the other names do.

Some of these names I love and thought you might too. I'm going to list a few though just in case they are too popular I have included their current ranking

James (17)
Lewis (640)
Zachary (47)
Jordan (48)
Nathan (29)
Sean (83)
Cameron (53)
Dominic (93)
Evan (38)
Richard (181)
Aidan (59)
Colin (201)
Braden (293)
Mason (35)
Timothy (183)
Jonathan (26)
Andrew (12)
Paul (155)
Adam (72)
Nicholas (29)
Victor (111)
Ian (80)
Jackson (32)
Sawyer (424)
Garrison (890)
Pierce (507)
Owen (58)
Lawrence (427)
Anton (832)
Angus (980)
Beckett (480)
Benson (995)
Conrad (758)
Russel (888)

My favourite combinations:
James Daniel (Austin,Olivia, James)
Timothy Daniel (Austin, Olivia and Timothy)
Jonathon Daniel (Austin, Olivia, Jonathon)
Pierce Daniel (Austin, Olivia, Pierce)

Make sure you get back to us, with any other name ideas, or names your thinking of.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

I think Timothy blends in nicely with Austin and Olivia.

Laura said...

I agree, and it can be shortened to Tim.

Tracy said...

Just for an update, I think we're leaning towards Isaac. :) We're tring to decide if Isaac Daniel is too biblical or not. Should we try for another middle name?

Laura said...

I think if your liking Isaac Daniel to go for it! You have clearly loved it from the start and thats the most important thing :)

Elizabeth said...

I think one readon Isaac goes well with Austin and Olivia, is because it starts with a vowel like the other names do.