Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paper Names

Here are some of the births this week from Perth.

The Girls:
  • Saskia Gina
  • Catalina Isabella
  • Summer Mazkenzie
  • Eleanor Christina
  • Indyana (Siblings Moses and Samson)
  • Lexie Alice
  • Layla Matilda
  • Lilly Benita
  • Phoebe Ann
  • Eliana
  • Elspeth Lucy
  • Ruby Peggy May
  • Charlotte Valentine

The Boys

  • Luca Antonio
  • Theo George
  • Jed Tiger
  • Blake Kevin
  • Darcy Ryder
  • Jarvin Francesco
  • Oliver John
  • Lachlan Martin
  • Jacob Harry
  • Stirling Reuben
  • Romeo Giovanni
  • Eli Peter
  • Cruz William


Dearest said...

Moses and Samson are two of my favourite names, but Indyana is blah!
Stirling Reuben is also lovely, but would have preferred Sterling :)

Dearest said...

I forgot Elspeth!
My favourite version of Elizabeth and the only one I could actually use! Elspeth Lucy is a bit boring though...
Saskia is also lovely!

Laura said...

I agree, Moses and Samson are lovely. I prefer Indyana for a boy and spelt Indiana. Elspeth is a great version of Elizabeth, and not as popular!
Thanks for your throughts :D

Sebastiane said...

Lots of nice names here, my favorites are definitely:

Saskia Gina-though the flow is slightly off, I am just pleased to see a Saskia

Catalina Isabella

Indyana-this (though would've preferred to see Indiana) is a major guilty pleasure of mine. I also love Moses and Samson.

Elspeth Lucy
Charlotte Valentine-this is gorgeous

Luca Antonio-nice, Italian classic

Theo George

Jed Tiger-cool, in a guilty pleasure way

Darcy Ryder-very refreshing to see on a boy

Oliver John
Lachlan Martin
Romeo Giovanni