Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pretty Petrova

I came accross the other day the name Petrova and have decided that I really like it. Though I love (and many names on my lists are flowery, girl names) girly names I like this name because it is strong dignified and very classy in my opinion.

Pronounced Peh-tro-va This name is derived from the name Petra- A greek name meaning stone or rock.(I said it was strong :D).

Petrova is also a Russian name however. In Russia it is a last name and therefore culturally it cannot be used as a first name (only in Russia though). Celebrities with this last name include russian tennis player Nadia Petrova. Petrova or Petrovna is also a feminie Russia name in relation to the Apostle Peter.

Anyone who loves quaint, cute literature perhaps you have read "Ballet Shoes" by Noel Streatfeild- a classic childrens book. (Adapted recently into a movie)
Petrova in this book is one of the adopted Sisters (The Fossils). Her sisters being Posy and Pauline. Using all 'P's' I like Posy but am not sold on Pauline.
But I'm loving Petrova so stop by and tell us what you think :D


Sebastiane said...

I guess I can see the appeal to this one. Especially with the Ballet connotations, but Petrova still sounds like a surname to me.

Laura said...

I really have started to live Russian names lately. I think for any names its the conotations related to it, how you are used to viewing the name. Birch is a friends last name and I can not see it as anything else but that a last name

Sebastiane said...


You make a very good point. I myself can see Birch as a first name. Especially as a cool natury name for a boy. I have never known anyone with this as a last name. But I see what you mean about connotations and associations.

Mimi said...

My granddaughter's name is Petrova Violet. i am in love with her and her fabulous name.

Laura said...

what a lovely combination Mimi. It goes really well together!