Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Up-to-Date Royal Names

My mum loves reading all the Hello's which have the Royal on the front with titles like "Is William engaged to Kate" etc etc. There are always stories about monarchs from across the globe and some of the names are quite all right! Princess Beatrice is even popular. So here's a taste of what the rich and traditional call their children with some cute nicknames. Tell me what you think!

-Elizabeth and Phillip (Lizzie, Liz, Phil)
-Charles and Camilla (Charlie, Milly)
-William (Wills, Bill)
-Henry (Harry as he is commonly called)
-Andrew (Andy)
-Beatrice (Trixie, Trix, Bea)

-Juan Carlos and Sofia (Sofie)
-Filipe and Litizia (Fil, Lettie
-Leonor (Nora)
-Sofia (Sofie)
-Elena (El, Ellen)

-Albert II (Al, Bert)
-Caroline (Carol, Carry, Car)
-Andrea (Andy)
-Charlotte (Lottie)

-Margrethe (Marg, Margery, Maggie)
-Frederik and Mary (Fred, Freddie)
-Christian (Chris)
-Isabella (Bella, Issy, Belle)


Sebastiane said...

I love reading Hello too. Many of the Royals are excellent baby namers. From this list I like these,

-Beatrice (Trixie, Trix)


-Charlotte (Lottie)


Laura said...

There mostly my favourites too! I also love isabella. I thinks whats often good about royal names are the are understated and often forgotten names which are beautiful!

Amalia said...

I mostly like the female royal names however the male names are to out of date. Albert, Andrew and William translate to old man/grandfather names to me. Up date boys names which are colourful and less formal are much more my cup-a tea

Laura said...

I can understand completely what you mean Amalia. Though I do love classic girls names such as Charlotte or Elizabeth and Isabella, boys names I prefer much more different names compared with the constant repeated male names you can bet your arm on will be in your child’s class. Leif for example is a recent favourite but I certainly can't see it being used by any royalty soon