Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby name question

I am expecting baby #3 in September and am getting very stumped for a boy's name. We have a son Cason Nathaniel and a daughter Mira Ashlyn. If this one is a girl we are thinking either Camille or Holland, but the boy name has really left me searching and searching and coming up with nothing! Our last name is one syllable starting with M, so we are avoiding one syllable first names. After naming our son Cason I have some small regrets about how it falls in with all the trendy Caden/Aidan kids now, so I am extra leery of anything that might even turn out to be trendy later. For this baby, I have thought of Simon, Rueben, Bowen, Sullivan, etc... but nothing really thrills me. I guess, like a lot of parents, we want something uncommon but also not weird. Help!


First of all we apologise for how long it has take to return your question. I hope that the pregnancy is going well and that name ideas are going strongly. I love Camille as a girls names. Its very feminine and gentle. I also love your children's names of Mira and Cason. There fantastic names not to off beat but not to popular that you can think of hundreds of others with the same name. I hope that this post is helpful in choosing a boys name. Make sure you let us know when you have the little angel, we also love to know what people decide in the end.

Kieran - This is an old Irish name with plenty of charm! Its meaning is black. It is only ever so slightly popular decreasing currently as people go for more off the track names.

Keaton - This has a fabulous meaning House of Hawks. Used as a last name Its is of old English Origins.

Konrad/ Conrad- Virtually an unused name this is of German and Polish origins meaning a bold advisor. Conrad is however a common Last name so may if your not to keen on popular last names this may be a miss.

Titus - This is a bit off the track from your brainstorming ideas like Simon and Reuben but I think it could work with Mira and Cason. Meaning defender it was the name of a Roman Defender. Loads of Characters and heaps of history.

Cameron: This was a popular name in the 1980s and 1990s. It means crooked nose. I tell you some name meanings are just so wacky! It is most popular in Scotland.

Beckett- A girls or boys name (though i much prefer it in masculine context) it is of English origins meaning Beehive or bee cottage. This is an unused name.

Lincoln - This is such a strong masculine name. It just oozes strength. Of old English origins it means Lake Colony. Nicknames like Link.

Seamus - Of course an Irish name, this is a cute name full of character. I can just imagine a cheeky toddler with this name! This is variant of Hebrew name James (I didn't know that).

Pierce - Quite a suave name of course everyone knows it from Pierce Brosnan. It means rock. Unused its peek in popularity in 2004.

Garrett- Or if you wanted Gareth means gentle one. It is an uncommon first name though popular last name. It is currently ranked 124.

Darion -Of Greek Origins it means Gift. Ranked 804 in American Baby names.

Atticus - I have to say i have quite a name crush on this name. Of course known through to Kill a Mockingbird. It means from the Athens. It is thought to be the name of the first publisher in the Roman Empire. It is currently ranked 683

Campbell - Of Scottish and Gaelic origins it means crooked mouth, here we go with the strange meanings again. It is not ranked in the top 1000 baby names.

Leonard - This means lion strength and is of German origins. Popular in the early 1900s it is a rare first name today.

Gregor/Gregory - Meaning watchful and vigilant this is an old name used marred by shortenings such as Greg. I prefer Gregory however for its strong sounding masculine name.

Remus- Its a charming old name this one being the Latin word for oar. Not ranked in the top 1000 its got loads of character as it off the beat from current trends.

Hamon/Hammond- Is an old German name meaning home Protector. With its quaint meaning and and fabulous sound whats not to love? It is a surname also.

From this list my favourite choices would be Atticus, Darion, Keaton and Remus. If you have any other ideas for names make sure to comment back! We would Love to know how name brainstorming is going! Good luck!


Marilyn said...

I really like Atticus too, and also Seamus. It's interesting that you have thought of "Holland" for a girl, because my SIL just told me she was thinking of that name for her baby due next month, and I had never heard it at all before! I think I like Camille better though (and the nn Millie is so cute!)

glenna said...

I like Holland for a boy. It would be fine on a little girl too, but you could use it for a boy.

Some others that I thought of for you:

Shivaun said...

Thanks so much for your suggestions! From your list, I like Hammond the best. Now to run it by my husband who is not so adventurous in the name department so we'll see :) I do like Lachlan too; it is not at all common where I live so it's on my list.

Laura said...

Hammond is definetly a cute name. I love the sound and I think it would be easy to find a middle name to go with it. Goddluck with your choices, we will be eagerly awaiting to hear your decision :D