Saturday, August 1, 2009


I stumbled across this name when watching a Roman documentary. I have to say the Roman's had some great choices in names. Octavia Minor was the sister of the first Roman Emperor Augustus (also known as Octavian). She was also the wife of Mark Antony.

Octavia, of Latin origins, of course means eight and was often given to the eighth child of a family during the Victorian Era in England. It is the feminine version of Octavius.

This name is feminine and I believe quite stately. A strong name which should not be used lightly. I think I could see this name used in a family with Petrova's or Edwards, perhaps even used with a Darion (a favourite of mine lately).

Variants or similar names to Octavia include Octaviana, Octavianne, Octavie, Octiana, Octoviana, Ottavia, Tavia, Tavie and Tavy.

In my opinion I'm not to fond of the nicknames of Tavie or Oct. Tavia is not bad as they go. Hope your also keen on the name. Let me know your thoughts!


Anna said...

Octavia is gorgeous, My favourite combo is Octavia Lily Frances.

Sebastiane said...

I really like Octavia. She is regal and strong, and feminine without being overly so. Via would make a cute nn.