Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Trend Arising

So I was ready an article in some out-dated trashy magazine whilst waiting for the doctor the other day when I happened to come across an equally tasteless photo in which new baby girl clashed terribly with Peter Andre and Jordan's fake tans.

Name: Princess Tiaamii.

Nothing wrong with this name. I Don't like it but obviously Peter and Jordan do otherwise it would not have been chosen.

In fact I do believe I have suggested Tiarmi on this blog before. It is in fact a Maori name.

However, that's not why this article had me captivated. Tiaamii was chosen by Mum and Dad because it is a combination of their mothers names Thea and Amy.

The practice of combining the first names of the grandparents of the child is not a new concept. It was first introduced to us in Twilight where Renee and Esme were combined to create Renesmee.

And my forecast is that this practice will become the new Ava and Aidan's.

I just hope that not all of these combinations will be so unusual. Hopefully somewhere Beth's son will have a baby girl with Eliza's daughter. Or the children of Will and Liam will bring a little boy into the world.

Elizabeth and William that is by the way. Just in case classic names have become a foreign language.


Baby- Names said...

That's a cute name, Princess Tiaamii!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind it NOW. But I'm Not keen on cute-sy names like Princess at all.

Tiaamii is alright. I do prefer the moari version Tiarmi though.

The only thing I can't justify is if little Princess wants to become a doctor or a judge.

Dr. Princess Andre or The Honourable Princess Audre dosent seem to convey an all together professional aura.

For this reason I feel that as a result of her name, Princess Tiaamii has been set up for Bimbo-ism.

Lola said...

Oh, smush names make this Yank gag! Tiaamii is no better or worse than the one my Great grandmother besotwed on her youngest sister, "What to name her, Lilian or Guinevere? Hmm, how about Lilivere?" and so it was. She hated it and blamed her sister forever for it. And simply Lili she became.

As for Princess? it makes a fine nickname for your darling pink bundle (I call mine princess once in a great while) but please, NOT on the birth certificate! It's just not very flattering to be a 40 year old princess, unless you're Caroline or Stephanie of Monaco!

I'm enjoying the blog quite a bit Laura & Sarah, Consider yourselves blogrolled!


Laura said...

Totally agree though cute when a child kids can grow out of them soon enough and I'm sure as a teenager it wouldnt be an exciting thing to call out Princess when calling the role. However I'm sure she will go to school with other celebrity kids with strange names. Glad that your liking the blog :D