Friday, January 9, 2009

Are your sure?

Are you sure you really want to name you child that? A name which will stay with them for their entire life? I'm referring of course to celebrity names.

I've heard original names, I've heard strange names and recently I've heard names which i swear are not even names just words substituting as a name.

I recently heard a very strange name used by a minor celebrity. The name is Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. Different huh? I think the name says it all!!

Here are some more different names adopted by celebrities

- Hopper by Sean Penn (b)

- Pilot Inspektor by Jason Lee (g)

- Jermagesty by Jermaine Jackson (b)

- Moxie CrimeFighter

these are just a few strange names out there. Sarah and I when searching some websites found some very strange suggestions for baby names which made us literally laugh out loud.

- Tranquility

- Peacefulness

- Humbleness

Names which are nouns, places, verbs everything seem to be on the rise. I just wonder what names are going to be used next to trump the other celebrity names. I think for sure we can say that in the media there is a fight between all celebrities to trump each other for weirder wackier and more "original" names. Continue i say it gives us all a bit of a laugh and some gossip to discuss with our friends!!!

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