Monday, January 26, 2009

Stuck in the Middle

I really like the name Rose. It is strong, yet pretty and elegant at the same time. I would love to use this name if I ever have a girl.


You see I can't help feeling that Rose is becoming such a throwaway middle name. Every little girl I meet now is Lilly Rose, Abigail Rose, Sienna Rose...

And with all these little Whoever Rose's around I can't help feel that people are taking the name Rose for granted.

Sure it conveys a certain pattern with most names but by using it as a middle name all the time I think it looses its meaning. I don't think "Oh Rose what a lovely choice for a middle name" anymore. I think "Oh another girl with the middle name Rose! How original!".

In fact Rose as a middle name has become entirely meaningless for me. People aren't choosing Rose because it is a lovely name. They are choosing it simply because it compliments their chosen first name.

I now group it with Anne, Louise, Jane, Marie, May, Eve and Grace. Which are all lovely names in their own right. Don't force them to wind the stage curtain for your chosen first name - Let them Shine!

So, New Rule; If you wouldn't use it as a first name and absolutely love it - Don't use it as a middle name!

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