Sunday, January 4, 2009

Upholding Tradition, A sister for Logan and Brianna.

Hi! I have enjoyed reading your naming blog and I'm wondering if you can give us a second opinion. I'm six months along with a baby girl. We like traditional names with traditional spellings, nothing too unique or creative. We have a son named Logan Andrew (2 years old) and had a daughter named Brianna Dawn who only lived a short time after her birth this past Valentine's Day.For this baby, we are considering the names Emily Kate and Audrey (don't have a middle name for Audrey yet) ... we prefer a girl name that doesn't end in "ana" to be a very different name from Brianna. It's so hard to pick another girl name -- Brianna was a favorite name. Can't decide if Emily is too popular... although we don't know of many in our area. Any help or advice would be great! Thanks!

Hi Kim, we are happy to hear about your pregnancy. However, it is also sad to hear about the loss of Brianna. Valentines day will now be even more special as a result of your little angel. Best of luck with it all :). Also sorry this took a while to compose.

Oh, and glad you like our blog! Hopefully you will like it even more after we answer your query.

As for name advice for the name of your third child we would be delighted to help. I think Emily Kate is beautiful name for a little girl and I wouldn't be concerned about Emily being too popular (its for a reason you know). It is a gorgeous name and if you really love it then it is one hundred percent right to use it. Don't let what the crowd is doing effect your choice.

Audrey is also a darling name. It makes me think of Diamonds! It also shares its meaning with Brianna. They both mean Noble. Entirely appropriate. I really like the variant Aubrey too and would like to suggest a few possible middle names. Any of these name could also be sweet little first names. But in my opinion Audrey Kate does have that ring doesnt it?

Clarice- I really love the meaning of this name, Illustrious, as well as the sound. It just feels elegant. A perfect match with Audrey which is often associated with the epitimy of elegance Ms. Hepburn. Even if it is Jodie Foster's character in the Silence of the Lambs Audrey Clarice radiates class. My favourite :D!

Celeste - Another C name that puts the usual choices for middle names to shame. This Latin name meaning Heavenly kicks the pants off Audrey May!

Pearl - I have suggested this name before but for good reason, it is a really sweet middle name. I hope that Pearl will catch on as a middle name as names such as Rose, Grace, Louise and Marie have done now.

Elise - The short form of the name Elizabeth which I think, has an innocent cutesy quality to it perfect after Audrey.

Grace - A popular middle name that seems to convey rhythm with ninetynine percent of first names.

Hope you like them! Do tell us if you would like some more suggestions or advice.


Kim D. said...

Thank you for your suggestions for naming our next baby. You have, in fact, helped us choose a name. We have been sitting with this name for 2 weeks now and still love it, so with 10 weeks to go, I think we're found our name.

Our next baby girl will be Audrey Pearl. It hadn't occured to me that Audrey has the same meaning as Brianna, "noble strength," and I love the way that ties both of our daughters' names together.

I also love the middle name Pearl. It's not one I would have come up with on my own (thank you so much for the suggestion!) but it has a sweet, innocent, beautiful, and classy sound that has really grown on me. I also love the Biblical metaphor of a pearl being something extremely valuable and priceless. After a miscarriage and then losing Brianna, our Audrey is certainly priceless to us.

I had been losing sleep over naming our second daughter, and after writing you and reading your reply, Audrey Pearl has seemed just right.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help us with a difficult decision! Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to hear we are such help. It makes me so proud of our blog.

And I'm so happy you picked Pearl. It has to be my favourite middle name for a girl.

I also really like the way Audrey Pearl's name means something to you. It will be so special to tell friends and family of why Audrey is named so.


Have you told friends and family yet?

What do they think?

Kim D. said...

Hi! I'm wondering if you'd be willing to offer some name advice for us again? I'm pregnant with another little girl due the end of November 2010.

We currently have:
Logan Andrew
Brianna Dawn (in heaven)
Audrey Pearl (whom you named!)

We'd like a traditional name that goes well with Audrey. A few names we've tossed around are Julia and Claire. (Emily is out for us this time around.) We also like the name Kate, but just had a neice born named Kaitlyn, so Kate is probably out for us too.

In addition, we love Audrey's middle name: Pearl. We often even call her "Pearl" as a nickname. We had thought about using another gemstone middle name for this baby, but haven't found anything that fits. If not a gemstone, perhaps another name in the same style?

Have fun with this! I'm eager to hear your suggestions. I have full confidence that you'll come up with something great! Thanks!!

p.s. Our last name is two-syllables starting with D and ending in -ing.