Thursday, February 12, 2009

Charmed Again

Hi its me again (Amalia) and I'm still pregnant!!! Through these months I've been brainstorming ideas though I'm still in love with Wyatt i also love the name Spencer. Can you think of any other names similar to Spencer or Wyatt. I also like Cole from charmed but my partner doesn't like it. Don't worry about a girls name because I've already found my favourite girls name :D Thanks xxxxx Amalia

Hi Amalia!

We are really happy for you and hope that we help you with your name choices!

Well i think your names choices are very individual and hopefully our suggestions will also capture that. Our name choices (drum roll :D)

Jacob: a Hebrew name i think its simplicity recommends it.

Indigo: indigo the deep blue, purple colour is deep and adorable like the name Wyatt.

Romeo: a romantic name which means citizens, this ties in with Roman which also means citizen as both come from the Latin word Romanus.

Leo: Leonardo or Lenard (nickname or name). Leo meaning lion is rough tough and going with the roman theme :D was a common name during the roman era. and another charmed name!!

Archer: this name like Spencer is a last name meaning bowman from medieval times.

Rio: this name is short and sweet from Spain it means river.

Rowan: going with a bit of an R theme aren't we. Meaning little red head this cute name goes great with Roman.

We hope that these names help and if anymore help is needed for middle names or if more names are needed we are only a click away. What girls names have you chosen we always love to know???Hope to hear from you soon!


Anonymous said...

Once again Laura you come up with these darling little names I never knew exsisted!

RIO is just PERFECT!

Oh I wish you wouldn't keep these names all to your self!

Laura said...

hahah glad you like them sarah!! but i love your names more!!!!!

Amalia said...

Hay NFATE!! thought im still processing (still have a while to go) i love your name suggestions. Like sarah said Rio is still cute. Wyatt is still coming back to me and i like archer like spencer for being a middle name. So me and my partner will think it over and will get back to you with the name! so exciting!!!


Laura said...

glad you like the. can't wait to hear your final decision!