Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh My! Darling Little Names that End in Oh

What is it about short little 'Oh" ending names that makes them absolutely adorable!

On boys especially I can't resist them!

On girls to they are adorable! I love the name Shiloh -not just because of Brangelina but because it is a lovely name. If I weren't to worried that people would immediately associate it with little miss Jolie-Pitt I would use it.

So now a list of Darling Little O names; inspired by Laura's suggestion of Rio.

Rio - A darling little name. It is supposed to be unisex but I say its masculine. Meaning river and originating in Spain I am definately putting this on the list for future children.

Theo - The short form of the more classical sounding Theodore. With simmilar qualities to the oh so popular Max I think thisname is one about to climb the ladder.

Leo - Leo, Cute, Short, Sweet. Literally means the Lion.How special willit be when your little Leo grows up to watch playschool and hears that song! He really will be the King of the Jungle!

Ringo - Any beatles fans? It means Apple in Japanese. NeedI say anymore?!?!!

Banjo - For the Aussie's - Banjo Patterson wrote the man from Snowy River. It was chosen by Rachel Griffiths for her little boy. I might be biased, being an Aussie and all, but I love it!

Mateo - Meaning Gift of God in Spanish as a form of Matthew this name is ranked 283 on the most recent American Social Security List - a name on the rise.

Indigo - Okay this is the third time we have suggested this name. But why not - my experience of this name is that it grows on you the more you hear it. Indigo, Indigo, Indigo, Indigo, Indigo, Indigo.....

Milo - The short form of Miles. This named peaked in the 1910s when it was ranked 408th. However, it is making a come back and was ranked 548 last year.

Cairo - Yes the capital of Egypt. I'm undecided but what do you think?

Romeo - This just rolls of the toungue. Romeo Oh Romeo! Give your little boy this name and he is sure to become a romantic like his namesake.

Cosmo - Forget the cocktail, and the magazine, and the seinfield character, and the Jeston's character, this name has a long history prior to these accociations. This name has barely cracked the Top 1000, briefly appearing in the years 1913, 1921, 1925 and 1926 before returning to obscurity. A daring choice.

Orlando- Mr Bloom. Use this name and hopefully your son will turn out to have half hi charm.

Marlow - This ties in with the whole surnames as first names trend. A much preffered version to the modern Harlow It doesn't remind me of harlot for a start and it reminds me of my favourite character in the book "Cold Mountain", Ada's father Munroe.

Diego- Yes I came across this name while Edward was watching TV. It's Dora the Explorer's brother. Diego is the spanish version of James and cracked into the top 100 ranks in 2002. I like it for its adventurous vibe!

Munroe- as previously stated Munroe is my favourite character in cold mountain. Originating in Ireland this name means 'mouth of the river'

Primo - So maybe this is a little over done. It might be usable as the name of the first son. A deriviatve form of Primus which was sort of like calling someone Junior today (Hey Peter Andre and Jorden did it!)

Bruno - a very masculine choice. It simply means "brown" ans was chosen bu Nigella Lawson for her son.

Marco - a little more mainstream for you. Not as chart topping as Aiden perhaps but its up there. Last year it ranked 209th in the US.

There you go! Did I more than make up for my lateness!

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Laura said...

soo cute. i especially love Cosmo