Friday, February 27, 2009

Number Names

In a recent post the name Primo was suggested as a name for your first child. Now while I'm suggesting that it wouldn't be the best idea to called your second child Secondo, I thought that it would be a fun to suggest a number of number names.

1. Primo - First born in Italian

2. Banji - 2nd born of Twins in African

3. Tripp - yes this is Sarah Palin's grandson but it is a credible name. Meaning the 3rd it originally was a nickname given to those with the suffix III in America. Either love it or hate it. I think I might sit on the fence with this one.

4. Arbela - An English name meaning four Gods.

5. Quentin - 5th in Latin

6. Jackopa - Six in native American. I imagine that would be seen as a variant of Jack.

7. Nana - Japanese name meaning 7 also meaning different in Indian.

8. Octavia -8th in Latin

9. Isaiah - Okay so this has no significant 'nine' meaning but it was the 9th born child of the famous Octuplet mom Nadiya Suleman.

10. Decima - The 10th in Latin


Lou said...

Decima is actually quite cute

baby hairclips said...

I'm going to have a baby girl and she is my second. Hmmm, I'm thinking of the name Banjila.

Laura said...

Banjila thats a different name ive never heard of before. Whats the origins of this name and whats your first childs name also? COngratulations also on a baby girl!!