Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Exciting News!

I have some rather exciting news to share with you all but I don't know how to say it to make it suspenseful!

I started this blog with the intention of bouncing ideas of Laura and our readers purely for fun. I did not start it with the intention of helping me gather names for any expectant children, although a few I have come across as a result of this blog have made it to my personal list.

However, in recent times I have been paying more attention to the names that have been mentioned, but not for any particular reason. As it turns out my subconscious self must have known that soon there would be a reason for me to be paying more attention.

Yes, you may have even guessed it by now, I am expecting a child. I am about 8 weeks pregnant - yes a little new years eve baby! Nathan and I are over the moon!

We only found out about a couple of weeks ago (I am a bit lazy like that) and I wanted blog about it straight away. However, I felt it was only right that friends and family knew first.

So here are the details, we are due on about the 22nd of September and have decided already that we don't want to know the gender until he or she is born. We haven't talked about names yet, we probably won't for a while if Edward's name is any indicator. I think it was 2 months to go before we talked about it. We haven't got a clear birth plan yet or any of those details yet. For now I am just enjoying growing a little human being inside of me!

Now I think about it the timing couldn't be more perfect - I was starting to get a little lonely with Edward at school.

I will keep informed!


Laura said...

And we can't wait to help you choose a name!!

Anonymous said...


Kate said...

How sweet. Hope it all goes well. I will be checking in to see your new posts (as usual) and now I can check in to see any possible names ofr Edward's little brother or sister!