Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Well we've just finished the labor day weekend here in Perth and recently myself and Sarah have been debating over some Australian names for babies. Whether you love them or hate them there are a lot of "Aussie" baby name choices out there, so if you want to go down under with your name choice here are some names derived from people and places.

Adelaide is cute girls name which has been used by Aussie Actress Rachel Griffith. This of course is the name also of the capital city of South Australia.

Victoria is a state within Australia its capital being Melbourne. Victoria as well as being a state is widely used by Royalty in England (Queen Victoria).

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria and is a male name. Its been used by Prime Ministers (Stanely MELBOURNE Bruce pm from 1923-1929)

Sydney is a common enough boys or girls name and a city within Australia. Such monuments associated with Sydney include the Sydney harbour bridge. It can also be spelt Sidney or Cydney

Banjo of course is listed here because of the poet Andrew Barton "Banjo" Patterson and is also used by Rachel Griffith for her sons name (really continuing Aussie spirit :D). He was a poet and author stylistically renounced for his bush culture stories such as the Man from Snowy river.

Edmund Ive put this name here because it is the name of the first prime Minister of Australia Edmund Barton. And is not that bad a name. A variant of the ever so popular name Edward.

Billy This is a variant of William which is popular in Australia. It reflects the larikkin and playful identity of Australia. Also was the nickname of a controversial p.m William "Billy" Hughes.

Dingo an Australian animal which is also able to be a male name also. Would defiantly not be my first choice but every ones different

Matilda though of German origins this has become as "aussie" name through the song Waltz sing Matilda. Nick names being Tilly or Tilda this name has been used by celebrities such as Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams and constantly graces the pages of birth announcements.

Australia and to be totally unoriginal if you really want an Australian name for your daughter why not choose Australia? they will definitely get the message.

If there are any other names you love which are Australian let us know!

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