Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gone with the Wind!

I was going to do a post on my favourite literary names until I realised that pretty much all the names I liked came from Gone with the Wind. Not your typical literary names. No Edward's or Catherine's for a start. I do like Catherine though and I obviously love Edward enough to use it for my own son.

So here they are. All the best Gone with the Wind names and a little background into the characters and their names. My favourite is Ashley on a boy - On the list.

Scarlett O'Hara - The strong willed protagonist is known for her beauty and is the daughter of the Tara Plantation owners Gerald and Ellen. This name has become rather popular of late, Mel C from the spice girls recently used this name for her baby girl.

Melanie Hamilton Wilkes - Ashley's good-hearted wife. Meaning black and originating is Greece this little name doesn't rank in the top 100 in America. She is a sweet obscure little choice with just enough familiarity.

Prissy - The short form of Priscilla. Such a cute name! In Gone with the Wind Prissy is the lie-prone slave at the Tara Plantation. This girl little name matches the style of some of the most popular names of today.

Bonnie Blue Butler - Her real name is Eugenie Victoria and she is the beautiful and pampered daughter of Scarlett and Rhett. An appealing choice. It literally means 'Pretty Girl' and too me this just adds to the appeal.

India Wilkes - I love this name! Right at the top of my list. Whist India Wilkes isn't a favourable character in the book you must agree she had a gorgeous name. India is Ashley's sister who bitterly hates Scarlett for sabotaging her relationship with Stuart.

Honey Wilkes - Honey is Jamie Oliver's youngest daughters middle name and is sister to Ashley and India in Gone with the Wind.

Rhett Butler - Scartlett's third husband and a little bit of a rebel. He is at times, a loving father and husband but pride prevents him from showing his affection. To me this has a bit of a hippy vibe whist maintaining a classical feel.

Ashley Wilkes - Yes, that is on a boy. Believe it or not Ashley is a BOYS names. This one is definitely on my list. Ashley is the handsome and chivalrous love interest of Scarlett's. Please Oh Please don't feminise this name!

Wade Hampton Hamilton - Scarlett and Charles Hamilton’s shy, timid son. Wade has English origins and means Traveller. I think Wade would be a nice choice for Chase's brother.

Jonas Wilkerson - This Hebrew name means dove. He was the father of Emmie Slattery's illegitimate baby. This name was recently used for one of the octuplets.

Beau Wilkes – Melanie's and Ashley's lovable son, delivered by Scarlett. I love the meaning of this name; Handsome or Beautiful. Could be used as the short form of Beauregard or Beauchamp.

Other Gone with the wind names:
- Gerald
- Ella
- Will
- Belle
- Emmie
- Careen
- Suellen


Lola said...

Funny, Two of these are n my top girls combo: Maud India Scarlett. And I didn't even think GWTW when putting that together!

If the others, Jonas appeals somewhat. I really dig Ashley on a boy but here in the States, that's a sad wish. Beau charms me and Belle is my sister's second middle.

I couldn't post my favorite literary names, I read far too much (I'm 41 and have been reading voraciously since I was 2). Not even a valiant attempt would cover all of them!

Anonymous said...

Putting India and Scarlett together might be a bit of a gamble.

Might sound pretty but the pair are archenemies!

Emmy Jo said...

I love Gone with the Wind names. Ashley has long been one of my favorite boys' names. When I started dating my husband, he found out I liked Ashley as a boys' name and subsequently named my car Ashley in hopes of rendering unusable for a future son. That actually started a bit of a theme... my second car was red, so we had to name it Scarlett (of course!). We're just about due to buy a new one, and it will now have to have a Gone with the Wind name. If it's a blue car, it will definitely be Bonnie Blue. Otherwise, it might be India or Eugenie.

I had Bonnie on my list as a favorite girls' name for a long time. I've decided that while I would love having a daughter named Bonnie, I don't think I would want to be named Bonnie myself, so it may not be the best name choice. From your boys' list, both Rhett and Jonas would be stunning choices for a son today.

Anonymous said...

Glad you like Ashloey on a boy! - I'm considering it for my (maybe) son to be.

Edward and Ashley are a good set don't you think?

Ps. I like Bonnie. Shes cute. I wouldn't want to be anything but a Sarah so I cant think ofa good reason not to name any possible daughters Bonnie even if you wouldn't want to be called Bonnie.

Emmy Jo said...

Edward and Ashley are awfully handsome together. In my area, I don't think we could use Ashley on a boy, as Ashley, Ashlynn, and Aisling are among the most popular girls' names at the school where I teach. However, in an area where Ashley is not quite so popular for girls, I'd love to see it on a little boy. I still have it on our list as a possible middle name (if we have enough boys that we run out of our family middles).