Friday, March 6, 2009

No frills - Classic yet unusual.

Hay there! So I'm searching and searching and I still just can't find the right name. We've toyed with like so many names like Shiloh (its a girl), Clementine, Zelda and now we are thinking Seraphine. The middle name has to be Lucia because its a name passed down. Cheers!


Thanks for your inquiry. I have gathered a couple of little gems that I think capture the no frills, classically rare style I saw in your other names. Good luck with your pregnancy and hope you like the names. Remember to tell us what you think?!?

Ottilie - O-til-lie is of french origin. I have been hearing this one alot lately and I think I quite like it.

Beatrix - Trixe, Bea, Trix, Bee, the nicknames are endless. Beatrix Lucia sounds just adorable!

Lavender - Whenever I heard this I think of Mrs Lavender Irving from the Anne of Green Gables Series.

Portia - Shakespearean names are pretty cool I reckon and this ones a fave of Laura's.

Cordelia - I have loved this since Anne of Green Gables. Same vibe as Clementine and Seraphine

Iolanthe - Strong, Classic, no frills. If you like Xanthe but find it a bit too made up this is perfect.

Zephyrine - Meaning west wind and originating in Greece. This is a name that is bound to stand out. Pronounced Zef-r-ine.

Olive - Another no fuss little name. A version of the highly regarded Olivia and recently used by Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen.


Anonymous said...

Arrrrr! I love Zephyrine!

Laura said...

Its definitely different quite cute

Lola said...

Since half of my working list is in this post, here's the other half, for more ideas!


So, if anything jumps out, feel free! :)

Anonymous said...

sorry about my late reply but thankyou all for your suggestions. I think Tabitha Lucia is quite cute and i loved bewitched as a child but my partner has said no becuase it reminds him of a cat.

Here are the finalists
Iolanthe Lucia
Lavender Lucia
Portia Lucia
Penelope Lucia

I'm not a big fan of Olive because though cute its used so much due to Isla fisher. I would love all your input though in choosing the final name.
Thanks a million :D

Anonymous said...

My personal favourite from your list is Iolanthe Lucinda.

However, I do like the suggestion Corneila Lucinda as well.

I'm glad that people like Zephyrine as well. She is inspiringly quirky. I didn't expect that people would warm to her.

Good luck with the names.
Tell us what you decide upon.

Anonymous said...

Well we have made a decision and have incorportated 3 names. we decided on Iolanthe Lucia Maud. We never were going to have 3 names but was looking through Lola's comment late last week and Maud struck me as quite cute and husband agreed with be so Iolanthe Lucia Maud. I love iolanthe with its meaning of violets and just the sound of how it, how its pronounced. What do you think. I hope you all like it :D :D

Lola said...

Iolanthe Lucia Maud is completely beautiful! I just happened to pop back here to see if you'd made a decision. I'm glad I was of some help. Beautiful! :)