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Months, birth stones and now even days of the week. Time is becoming increasingly popular for parents choice in names. All you need to say now is "Sunday" and everyones mind strays to Sunday Rose (more commonly known as Sunday Roast), Nicole Kidman and Keith Urbans first child together.

Months have been commonly used, as has foreign spelling of month names. Here are some of the most commonly used Month names.

French April

I haven't included this name but another month name I heard used recently was January. I guess if your using March, April, May why not add another month. I wonder if soon February, October and also December will be used as names. I guess anythings possible

Birth stones
With obvious relation to months boyfriends often use their knowledge of their girlfriends birth month to buy thoughtful gift. Thank god my birth stone is a diamond :D

Garnet/Garnet- Dark red gemstone of January
Amethyst- Purple jewel of February
Ruby - Red gem of the month December
Opal -
Topaz- November

Seasons (even this title "season" is used) are growing popular as baby names. Celebrity Summers including O.C character played by Rachel Bilson, and Winter, recently used by Nicole Richie as Harlow Winter Kate.


As stated previously days of the week are also growing popular.

Sunday - Sunday, the day of rest, used by Nicole Kidman
Friday – Harry Friday- definitely individual this was used by Simon Baker for his boy

Mythological usage

Marcella- Roman God names March was named after

Maia - nymph mother of Hermes, month of May named after her

Star signs:

Leo- the lion of course which is the star sign of July 24-August 23

Aries- March 21- April 20

Sorry there mostly girls but if you have any more names to add please drop us a comment.

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