Sunday, March 15, 2009

Names in the Papers This Week

Saturday's paper is the perfect time to share with the world birth notices and are often used to thank friends and family and doctors and congratulate those closest to you. Within these birth notices we see the trends and rising names. Here are some of the names this week

Boys names

Riley/ Ryley x5

Archer x2



Harrison 2x


Girls names

Ryley x3

Grace x2






Lilly- Lillian x4

The names appearing with boys as always it a mix between new, old and strange. Riley/Ryley for girls and boys is so so so popular. For me though it will always be associated with a horse of my cousins who threw me off and starting crazily cantering around and around the field with me on it aged 10 at the time. I'm not liking the change in spelling of the classic "Thomas" for me it should be spelt with a 'h' it looks strange and uncouth as if they just don't care. Malachy now this is definitely different if a tad strange. It is an Irish saint though and went with Hamish (Hamish Malachy) so i guess we can take a punt and guess there Irish and let it slide. I'm liking Archer though and can see its rising.

Girls names seem to be using allot of hyphenating to throw 2 names together the parents love. I don't mind it but often the names don't mesh and sound like first and middle name. I'm loving Lilly and thinking Lucinda is quite cute with the nickname Lucy. Grace is very popular one family not even wanting the their daughters nickname to stem form grace and going straight for Gracie- sorta cute but when older wouldn't it be nice to have the option between grace and Gracie?


Lola said...

Tomas is legit, Swedish, Norweigan & Lithuanian form of Thomas. I'm used to Tomasz, the Polish form so Tomas doesn't look very odd to me at all.

I love Maximillian but would rather Maximilian. So overblown and reminds me of Russel Crowe in "A Good Year". One of my favorite films.
Malachy is wonderful too, so cheerful!

From the girls, Lucinda is the only one that makes me smile. Bliss is silly and Ryley makes me mildly nauseous, I'm so tired of Riley, in any spelling on any kid. It's everywhere over here in the States!

Laura said...

Ryley is way to over used currently girl or boy. Its one of the top names and doesnt seemto be going any where. I agree that Lucinda is cute i can imagine it on a little girl!! makes me smile too :D

Anonymous said...

Not particulary partial to any of them actually.

But Malachy?!?!

Last time I checked Malachy was what poms say when reffering to a bit of a fuss.

I know he was a saint but seriously?!?!

Lola said...

Really, I'm a Yank so that sort of reference goes completely over my head!

Malie said...

Wow! This is so strange. I randomly googled the name Iolanthe and your blog came up, so I started to wander through it (I absolutely love names and have scoured the newspapers since the age of about 10) and I know the grandmother of the "Hamish Malachy". I used to work at Java Juice in the city, and she was one of my regular customers, so I got to hear the whole process of "My daughter's pregnant!" to "It's a boy!". They were originally going to call him Malachy Hamish but apparently any nurse who came in to visit would slightly cringe on hearing the name Malachy, so they changed it. Personally, I think that's a cop-out. A name is a statement and if people are too close-minded to appreciate an interesting name, then that's their problem! Hamish is lovely too, but weak compared to Malachy, which is, to me, strong and independent. Anyway :P 'Tis a small world! x

Laura said...

Malie its good to know a bit behind a name, and it does show what a small world it is! i agree i think when you choose a name it should be because you and your partner love it. I don't think others should alter this decsion especially nurses of whom you do not know