Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Name Crush

Edward was watching playschool the other day when a name of one of the dollies caught my ear. No, it wasn't Jemima, it was Meeka. She is the dolly in the photo. Isn't she lovely! So young and cute! I can imagine her used on an older person as well. She's adventurous whilst sounding familiar and I just love her.

So I have had a bit of a look into her background. She is pronounced exactly how she looks. That is; me(e)-ka. She is a variant of the French or Latin Dominique and means 'lord'.

Whilst she might not have ever ranked in the top 1000 in America but her close relative Micah has been a popular choice for both boys since the 1960's and girls since the 1980's. For both boys and girls Micah currently sits at 126 and 772 respectively.

She is also a cross cultural choice. Her variants stem back to a number of origins. Micah is the Hebrew. Miki is both Japanese and Hawaiian. And Dominique is the French or Latin. Mika as a variant of the Hebrew Micheal was famously worn by Mika, known for his hit song Grace Kelly in 2007.

So that is her background. I have fallen in love with her. Hope you will to!


Mee-ah said...

I like Meeka very much. It's cute, but not silly, and I think it would "grow up" just fine.

Sebastiane said...

Its a really cute name, but I like the Dutch spelling of Mieke best. It looks less trendy and more substantial.