Thursday, April 2, 2009

Name Crush

I love the name Edward. I really do. Which may seem obvious, I did choose it for my son. However, when I chose it I didn't realise that I was setting up a pattern of names for all future children.

You see, I have found the perfect name for a girl but I can't use it - its far too wild.


She is so free spirited. I would so LOVE to use her. But I can't! Edward cannot be the boring brother of September and I simply cannot imgaine him as anything but an Edward!

Oh well, I can suggest her to all you readers and hope she gets her due.


Emma said...

Also it automatically typed my last name :(

Laura said...

I like it too! You could do crazier like Edward and Thaneesha. Edward is a strong name as it September. September though not common isnt crazy i think its understated. Maybe think it over Sarah? Please :D

Emma said...

I actually really really like Edward and September as a sibset. Unexpected doesn't mean bad. I mean sometimes it does, but I think here it's awesome. A good solid modern twist on Edward, a good solid traditional twist on September. Edward's not boring next to September! Aww man. I really like it.