Monday, April 6, 2009


We have mentioned Olive a number of times on our blog. I quite like her. Shes sensible but still cute and feminine. And she has spunk!

All these times we have mentioned Olive in our post we inevitably mentioned Olive Cohen, the daughter of Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen. But we forgot to mention one famous Olive!

Olive Oyl - Popeye's girlfriend!

Olive Oyl

She certainly got the best name in her family (her brother name is Castor Oyl).

Do you think that a little Olive or Olivia would go nicely with Edward. Perhaps an Oliver?


Lola said...

I like Olive with Edward, over Olivia. Olivia's pretty, no doubt but almost predictable with Edward. Olive gives the set a bit more jazz.

Edward & Oliver is neat! Feels a bit uneven to me, Oliver's almost nerdy, Edward's strong & sporty. Oliver would make a fabulous brother for Maxwell/Maxfield/Maximilian, Felix, Sebastian, Simeon, Byron, Laurence, Philip or Thomas, off the top of my head.

And I always look at castor as a Mythological name (Castor & Pollux from Greek Mythology) before I think of the yucky stuff! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lola,

Olive is under serious consideration. Olivia might have to appear on the birth certificate though. But if that is the case Olive will be her primary nickname, to the extent it will almost be her actual name. (if it is a her).

Castor however, won't be on our list. Mythological roots aside.