Sunday, April 5, 2009


A acquaintance of mine recently had a little baby boy. His parents are quite the modern couple so I was curious to see what they would name him.

His older brother is Xavier and was to be called Rainbow if he had been a girl. I was hoping for something quirky and fresh as Xavier's brother, maybe a bit alternative. But I was utterly disappointed with what they called him. As soon as I heard his name I thought "If I had had one guess that would have been it, first and middle name"


Xander and Xavier don't exactly rate on my list but they are perfectly paired! As well as Blue and Storm!

Couldn't they have chosen something a little unexpected? I bet if Xander had been a girl he would have been called Xanthe! But wouldn't it be lovely to have Xavier and Ingrid for example. Over matching sibsets don't do it for me.

What would you have called Xavier's brother?


Emmy Jo said...

Xavier's brother would be Quentin -- there's no need to repeat the X. Give the second kid his very own cool initials.

If Xavier's brother had been a sister... I like Evadne or Evanthia. Something that repeats the internal V sound but not obviously.

Lola said...

Oh, I like Emmy Jo's idea of Quentin! I was going to say, If I had a Xavier, I'd name his brother Quincy, Zoltan, Willoughby or Jonty/Jubal. I agree, give him a cool initial of his own!

A sister for Xavier, I could see maybe matching the X (if I knew I was not having any more) as Xanthe. But other thoughts are: Tirzah, Zoya, Vivienne, Lavender, or Sylvie (cool inital again or internal v sound, like Emmy Jo thought).

Laura said...

I agree also I'm not a big fan of siblings with the same name and Xavier and Xander are so similer both ending in er and starting Xa, I say spice up your kids names instead of laying close to the similar names

Sebastiane said...

I had no idea that Sacha & Isla chose such a great name for their daughter. As to be expected of such great named parents. Sacha on a boy is awesome and Isla is such a pretty name.