Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cute Coraline

So I'm sure everyone with young kids keeps up with movies or T.V shows. A little outing to take your precious children to have a little bit of a break in the dark quiet cinema. Well Coraline the movie is coming out in Australia I couldn't help but think what a cute name! Its got a bit of a tropical edge to it but I don't think it would be out of whack with other trendy names. Its actually quite a normal name. So I thought I would explore a bit about this name.

So Coraline is a variance of Coral a nature name being natural sea growth, often deep pink or red in colour. While Coral was popular in the 1990s Coraline is an un-ranked name so you don't have to worry about popularity issues.

The 3D fantasy film is based on Neil Gaimans novel Coraline and focuses on a child who finds her way into a parallel world.

Nicknames include Cora, Corrie, Lina, Lynne/Lin.

Different spellings and similar names include Coralyne, Coralline, Koraline, Coralie.

I'm adding this name to my list, I'm quite taken with it!


Sebastiane said...

I knew a Flemish woman by this name. She was French-speaking so she pronounced it (KOH-hrah-LEEN). I thinks its appealing, whether pronounced like the former or like (CORE-ah-LINE). I do think it would get confused with Caroline, which might be annoying.

Charlotte Vera said...

I like the fact that Coraline is both familiar -- through its connections with Caroline -- and unusual at the same time. However, I do think that a child with this name would, like the character in the movie, be constantly correcting people. Of course, the movie itself has helped to make the name more familiar.

Mookie Monster said...

Here in the US, the movie just came out on DVD, so it's being remembered once again; was in theatres a while ago. I remember in middle school, there was a girl named Cora, and I had never heard the name before. I love Coraline as well, and I'm having an inner conflict: My favorite name is Caroline, and though I think I like Coraline just as much, I'm not sure if lil Cara's seniority reigns supreme over Cora's unpopularity.