Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Help for Angela

Her children:

Selvin Alexander

Mishel Nahomi

Hadassah Grace

Avalon Laura

We won't be finding out the sex so need to come up with two names. Our youngest daughter we finally agreed on a name the week before she was born and I have a feeling this one will be no easier. I don't want very trendy, cute or made up names so any suggestions would be so very welcome. I love the names Isla, Willow, Anja, Shepherd, Oliver and Makai.

The girls:

Saskia: Of Danish and Old German Origins this name means 'the Saxon people'.

Arissa: Meaning best it is a variant of Arista.

Narissa: Variant of the Greek name Narine it means 'sea nymph'.

Ayelet: I have to say I am in love with this name. It is a very delicate and feminine name meaning

Raphaella: The meaning of this name is "God Heals". If its Raphaela or Rafael its an adorable name, which would suit a chubby cherub.

Evedene: This name is a variant of such names as Eve, Evaline and Evelyn. It means life animal. An unusual name I see it working with your other children's beautiful names.

Morganne: Is a virtually unused name, meaning 'brightness', if used for a first or middle name I think it brings character into any name.

Havannah: I hadn't heard of this name before and am quite taken with it! Its a place name of course being the capital of Cuba.

Roshelle: A delightful french name which I of course class with the name Gisele. Meaning little rock it can be shortened to Elle or Ellie.

Helena: Decreasing drastically in popularity over the past 10 or 20 years I think this name could use a revival. Helen has been a name for many beautiful and intelligent women, of course Helen of Troy. Meaning 'Shining Light"

Lilia: Lilly is currently such an overused name as it Leila. So its no suprise it means Lilly the flower.

Linnea: Of Scandinavian origins it means lime or linden tree. It is also the name of a mountain flower which is small and pink. All little girls of course love the name pink so make sure to tell her if choose it!

Pilar: Pronounced PEE-La this is a Spanish name meaning pillar. I thought I would include some Spanish names due to the choices of your other children names.

Preah: Preah Vihear is a place in Cambodia, located near the border of Thailand. I'm forming a bit of a crush on 'P' names!

Evita: Variant of the Hebrew name Eva its meaning is life.

Isleta: A variant of ever popular name Isla I love the sound of this name. Isleta comes from the Spanish language and means "Little Island."

Malaya: A place name it means the state of Malays. It was named by British settlers. Also has been used for naming a boat HMS Malaya, a Queen Elizabeth class battleship of the Royal Navy.

Maribel: A modern blend of Mary and belle this was a highly popular name in the 1960s however is hardly used currently. Its a more original name that those of Claribel which is highly popular.

Olive: As you liked the names Willow and Isla and think this is right up your street. A variant of Olivia it means Olive tree.

The boys:

Paxton: Of old English origin it is a place name It is also derived from the Latin "pax", meaning "peace", and the Old English "tun", meaning "settlement".

Arlon: An Irish/ Gaelic name and meaning Promise. Its a beautiful name which would be easy to team a middle name with.

Soren: Variant of Severus meaning apart.

Loudon: The German name means low valley. It has a fantastic sound!

Ezekiel: Of Hebrew origins it means strength of God. In retrospect however it is part of the increasingly popular biblical baby name trends.

Micah: We have heard of the cute girl name MEEKA on this blog but there is also a masculine variant. Again of Hebrew origins it is a variant of Michael.

Niklas: variant of Nicholas I love this funky spelling. It means victorious person.

Arden: I have a love of A names and this is no difference. Meaning great Forrest it is the surname of a Shakespearean character. It was popular in the early 1900s.

Ramiro: Portuguese and Spanish origins it means renounced counsellor. Its an upbeat fun name.

Salomon: This name means peace. You can alternatively use Solomon, depending on how you feel about the spelling.

Olivander: You liked the name Oliver so I wasn't sure if you wouldn't like this alternative. Its definatly got style. It means olive tree.

Levander: A Mediterranean name with alternatives including Evander.

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