Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rachel Griffith & Clementine

About a month ago Rachel Griffith had a daughter. Sarah and myself were deadly curious what she was going to call her baby, as so far all of the names have been dead Australian. She had Banjo Patrick and Adelaide Rose. Banjo, of course, is the Poet and writer Banjo Patterson and Adelaide is the city. We were talking about names she might use (as said in an earlier post) such as Perth, or Melbourne. Matilda was a possibility for a girl. So we were surprised when she called her daughter Clementine Grace. There is no doubt that its a beautiful name- meaning 'my merciful'. But this brings up the whole issue of sticking with naming patterns by default of your first child. In my opinion if two are at least in the 'theme' then the rest should follow. For example Jamie Oliver, whose children all have botanical related names. (Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo and Petal Blossom Rainbow). For each name it is the parents choice and I don't think names should necessarily be decided by themes. My children certainly couldn't be more different- Kirsty, Aurora and Blake- but it never was an issue. I guess what ever pleases the parent!

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Lucy said...

Ooooh Clementine is so sweet and pretty. I agree that it doesn't quite match her other Aussie style names, but to a person who doesn't know names well its a perfect fit.