Sunday, August 16, 2009


Some loves are a little irrational. Maybe even all loves. And sometimes, beyond all reason, you can fall passionatly and irrationally in love with a name.

To you Chloe is the perfect name. You dont care about popularity. It dosent matter that your cousin had a Chloe last year nor that your sister's name is Zoe. It dosent really compliment your last name. You dont really care for Cornelius and Chloe as a sibset - to you they are hardly within the same style and you absolutely hate matching initials. Your worried that your husbands family would struggle pronouncing it with their strong accents. And he also dated a Chloe for 3 years back in college. But every time he says "How about Amelia?" you have to hold back the tears.

Its not your fault really. Its beyond your control. You daughter will be Chloe.

Well I might have developed a bit of an irrational love. You could try an tell me that this name is probably a bit too "Star Baby" and far too flighty for Edward's little sister.You could try and tell me about how silly it sounds with our long Italian surname. It wouldn't matter.

So whats stopping me from declaring my love for her with a beautiful perfectly-named daughter in 6 weeks time? (if it is a daughter)

Just one problem. Can I, Sarah, really name my daughter Seraphine?

According to some, yes.

I went to school with an Elizabeth. Her Mom, Beth, named her so without even realising she was naming her daughter after herself. And rightly so. Elizabeth's named fitted in beautifully with those of her siblings, Alexandra, Josephine and Christopher.

I ran into Liz recently to discover that she has 2 little girls, Isabella and Alyssa. "How sweet
" I said. "All the girls in your family are all Elizabeths". And apparently this was news to her.

The diffence between me and Beth or Liz is that I am not oblivious to Seraphine's resemblence to my own name. Ignorance is no excuse so it is most definate that I will not be having a daughter called Seraphine in 6 weeks time.


Tayler said...

I like Seraphine, and I don't think most people will see the resemblance. I'm quite sure Sarah and Seraphine actually have nothing to do with each other. But if it does sound silly with your last name, then I'd think twice about using it.

Marilyn said...

I love the name Seraphine! And I love the nickname Fifi---which is even further from Sarah. I say if you love it, you should just go ahead and use it!

Kira said...

Seraphine is so pretty! I dont think it matters that the beginning sounds similar to Sarah, you should just go ahead and use it! If I ever have a girl, Seraphina is a top candidate along with Ophelia.