Thursday, December 25, 2008

Festive Names! - Part II Boys

I am so deeply sorry it has taken so long to finish the rest of the Christmas names but I have been so busy cooking Turkeys and Fruit Mince Pies while trying to pick the perfect presents for everybody, and have them wrapped by Christmas Day.

So here they are, even if I didn't manage to get them done in time for Christmas (or new year), the most gorgeous set of Christmas boys names hitherto.

Nicholas - You have to admit that he is every body's favourite saint. And why wouldn't he be. Saint Nicholas (aka Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Pere Noel and Papa Noel among others) has invoked the much embraced tradition of gift giving at Christmas. And his name means Victory Of The People which I think is entirely appropriate given the way Saint Nicholas wore it.

Noel - Okay this is obviously my favourite of the boys Christmas names. It's sort of my son's middle name. Just spelt differently from my Edward Nole. This name, which is pronounced like Joel, means born on Christmas day but can also be used as a nickname for Nolan.

Klaus - Klaus is a gorgeous little german name which was originally a diminutive form of Niklaus. It also represents one half of the name of our dearest Santa Claus. Sort of.

Casper - This name was once donned by one of the three kings who visited the Christ child in the bible. No need to be religious to use this name either. It also makes me think of Casper the Ghost which I think makes Casper an even more likeable name.

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