Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tradition, choices and the name Joseph

Hi Just a quick question for you. I'm weeks away from having my first born and my husband (Joseph) has informed my that all male first borns in his family are called Joseph. I did know about it before but i thought we would choose another name as a mutual decision you see I'm not very keen on the name "Joe". I know this is different to your other questions but do i keep with tradition or start a new one??Elissa

Congratulations on your upcoming birth!!
This is a very tricky situation and therefore here are some options which will hopefully help you!!

1. Discuss with your husband!!! The choice of a name for your child is a MUTUAL decision. Tell your husband your ideas and feelings as well as allowing him to express his own. Talk it over and hopefully come up with a decision on whether to use or not use Joseph for your son.

2. Use Joe as a middle name so that the name is still present and tradition partially upheld.

3. A two name first name. For example Joseph-Louis or Ryan-Joseph

4. Use a variant of Joseph. For example Giuseppe is the Italian variant of the Hebrew name Joseph. Other variants include José (Spanish), Josef (different spelling), Iosef (Russian), Jessop or hay even Joey :D

5. Don't use the name Joseph and possibly risk alienating the family. If you do however i suggest sitting down with the in laws to explain your reason (if a mutual decision is made not to use Joseph). Be kind and try not to risk hurting there feelings.

6. Use Joseph as a first name complete with a fabulous middle name of your choice that you love.

Open mindedness.
A great variety of names.
and Time.

Use these five things to your advantage and I know a decision will be made which will make both hubby and you happy!! Good luck Elissa for the upcoming birth and choice of name!!!


Elissa said...

Thanks for your help after lots of thought put it from myself and hubby we have decided to name our son William Joseph. I told my husband my opinions and we made a compromise. William after my father and Jospeh for my husbands name and tradition ect. Thanks again!!


Laura said...

Elissa I'm so happy you were able to make a decision and what a lovely name and think they go well together. You must send us some photos of the lovely William Joseph!!!