Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Question We Have Been Waiting For

What are the names of your children? I don't think we have heard the story yet!

I'm glad someone asked. And Carrie, I would love to share with you how I decided on the perfect name for my son and I'm sure Laura will share too.

I surprisingly wasn't very formal in my name-picking manner. In fact there wasn't much debate or suggestion until the last 2 months of my pregnancy. However, I don't think that even with formality I could have found a name that I love more than the one we chose.

I Love It!
I can't think of a name more fitting or perfect than Edward Nole. (but back to how we chose it!)

I always liked N names on boys. Nathaniel and Noah would have been on the list if I hadn't married a Nathan or had a close friend with a baby Noah.

I had almost moved on from N names when Nathan mentioned that he had always loved the name Nolan. Nolan, to me, was a good name with character and meant something along the lines of "champion".

However, Nolan did remind me of some more contemporary names such as Kaden, Jaden and relatives and I did usually go with more classical sounding names. I was looking for some variants of Nolan when we both fell in love with Nole. Short and sweet and happy sounding. Similar to Cole, which at the time was ranked the 35th most popular boys name.

I wanted to spell it like Noel but I wasn't allowed (!) because people would think it was pronounced No-elle as in Christmas. So we went with Nole.

Now all I had to do was find a middle name for Nole.

Edward seemed to be a re-occurring name for me at the time and I have always loved this name (okay, only since fight club with Edward Norton). To me, it was classy and strong. I liked it as a middle name because I could still use my favourite name without the possibility of the nickname Eddie which I associated with one of my not so favourite uncles :P.

So I had it, my perfect name - Nole Edward.

It wasn't until Edward was born that Nathan picked up Edward didn't sound the best after Nole. I wanted them to fit so bad! I couldn't change his name now and I had grown so attached to it since it was chosen.

The same day Edward was born that a close friend came to visit me and bubby for the first time. When I told her my problem she said something along the lines of "Yer, I like Edward Nole better that Nole Edward."

So we gave our baby the gorgeous name of Edward Nole. What cha Think?!?!?!?


Linda said...

Omg my sons name is Nole!! ive loved the name for so long and its so sweet. His name is Nole Astaire after the famous dancer fred astaire :D

Jane said...

My daughters name is London and we chose it becuase thats where myself and hubby got married so its got a bit of sentimental value