Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Places To Go, Names To Love!!

In relation to one of our last posts "Top Baby Names Around The World" in which we listed names form all around the world, this post takes a different perspective focusing on countries as names. So enjoy the names and we hope that you to like them and are inspired and helped in choosing a name :D


London- One of the worlds most popular cities located within the united kingdom this city is home to fashion greats, urban areas and royalty. This name is great for a middle name to jazz up a plain name or as an understated first name.

Lexington- Lexington Avenue is within Manhattan, New York City. This name can be shortened down to Lexi. It is a powerful name not to be used lightly.

Aspen- Located within Colorado, a ski resort and town unsurprisingly this is a popular American baby name!! This is named after a tree with heart shaped leaves.

Florence- A historical, beautiful and sunny capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany this name means also flowering and blooming. Allow your daughter to shine with this sweet name.

Delancey- This is a city within New York name after an person who held near by land. It contains two variants being Delancie or Delancy. This is a very rare girls name though it certainly is striking!


Baden- This is a historical State on the South West of Germany. "Karl Benz" and "Friedrich Ebert" come from this State. Translated form German it means Bather and in my opinion is a rather cute boys name which is ranked currently 50291st most popular names :D

Brandon- The city of Brandon is situated within Canada. A variant of Brendon it translates to mean brave. Therefore be brave your self and give your son a small town city name.

Brighton- A town on the south coast of England, a city within Colorado, USA and a bay side suburb within Melbourne. I popular name of Old English Origins it was and is often used by parents to indicate a "bright" child or one with a bright personality.

Kingston- Gwen Stefani named her first born Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. Kingston is the largest city of Jamaica and means Kings settlement. SO why not call your little king Kingston?!

Brooklyn- This name is also chosen by a celebrity couple, I'm sure you all know, Victoria and David Beckham as Brooklyn Joseph Beckham. This name is a borough of New York. Its different but its certainly got a ring to it!

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