Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Question we have been waiting for #2

When growing up I always had favorite names which I had loved from cousins names to movies and t.v. shows. By the age of 12 I had already decided upon my baby names they were to be Mischa, Charlie and Scarlette and not even the possibility of different sex of children could change this choice. Its funny how at this age you stubbornly believe these names will stay your favorite for ever and your feelings will not change. I have three children (none of them holding these names) and all were chosen differently. For all my children I never chose to know the sex so I chose both boys and girls names. One tip i give to everyone to be open to all names. Try not to focus upon one name for when open and free a fabulous name can be created.

My first beautiful baby Kirsty Blair's name was chosen based upon friendship and partnership. My friends names was Kristy a name i love and i think is fantastic. Though this may sound strange to some i wanted to name my daughter after her and so i decided if a girl i would swap the 'r' and 'i' and name her Kirsty. Blaire a unisex name had caught both myself and husbands attention. We loved it for a boy or girl. And when i held her in my arms Kirsty Blair flowed so beautifully that we could not resist. It is a name which went perfectly with our last name with equally beautifully (in our opinion) names tied together, in harmony :D

A few years later i found to be pregnant with twins. It was a surprise and i can tell you a crazy time for myself. Should i choose to go with matching names or names with the same letter. Should there be a theme such as botanical or colour or preppy or anything else. Throughout my pregnancy i confess to be worrying about the names. Names though i realised are not always important. I was lucky to have to healthy children. I had many different ideas such as for a boy Nate, Blake, Edward or Luke. And for girls Ava, Lilly, Aurora or Elle. My husband and myself sat down and sensibly said we would not focus upon names any more until after the birth. We already had our top names and new like with Kirsty when we held our child in our arms the name would be come to us. Therefore we decided upon Blake Louis and Aurora Pearl.

Good luck with naming your child or choosing your favourite names and remember not to panic you have all the time in the world (or 9 months :D) to decide upon the perfect name. Please do tell us your children's name and how your babies names were chosen!!! :D


Fiona said...

I truly understand what you mean about choosing twins names. I have two little girls i just felt that even if i loved two "b" or "p" names or anything people would be judging me. but i settled for Arissa and Chloe in the end

Anonymous said...

oh fiona you should have heard laura when she was pregnant - all i heard was twin names!