Friday, May 8, 2009

07 Australia vs. America - 2 Opposite Sides of the Baby Naming Globe

I have had this posted ready to roll for a while but never got around to actually posting it so sorry for its out of date-ness. It would have been current if the 2008's American top 1000 hadn't been released yesterday. However, it still is a current as possible with the Australian top 100 records still a bit of a quite inconsistent mystery. Anyways, I'm posting it quick smart before it comes any more irrelevant.

I have noticed through my little time as a baby name blogger that the baby naming trends between my beloved Australia and the home of the vast majority of baby name sites, America, are so incredibly different. I mean how is it possible that Lachlan has never ranked over there?!?!? And that Isla is considered unusual!?! I know 5 Imogens - you Yanks would be lucky to know 2.

So I thought, maybe, just for fun, I might have a look at the 2007 top 100 Australian names and compare them with the top 1000 American names. Hopefully all the American readers can get a good look at some the trendy Australian names for their own use - they would be quite unusual over their too. As for the Australians, we can forgive them for forsaking some of these little gems.

Here they are - the ones in the brackets are the Australian rankings in 2007 and the ones outside are the American rankings. I have stayed away from the American top 200 as a general rule and not included names that I felt were a bit too close together in ranking.

Have fun!

Lachlan (2) Never
Charlie (20) 339
Harry (38) 578
Mitchell (44) 304
Taj (46) Never
Toby (48)566
Angus (51) Not since 1920s at 848
Callum (57) Never
Declan (63)349
Kai (66) 254
Will (67) 558
Jamie (68) 661
Hamish (70) Never
Brock (74)259
Finn (75)387
Flynn (76) Never
Jett (81)532
Lincoln (84) 224
Darcy (88) Not since 1960s peak at 946
Ali (89) 386
Jay (90) 397
Rhys (92) 809
Archie (93) Not since 1980s at 795
Tyson (94) 269
Jai (98) Never
Nate (99) Never
Zane (100) 232

Holly (26) 339
Chelsea (33) 209
Matilda (34) Not since 1950s at 914
Imogen (37) Never
Tahlia (44) Never
Zara (50) 711
Phoebe (52) 338
Amelie (58)758
Lara (61) 941
Evie (66) 806
Monique (69) 774
Klara (72) Never (although Clara currently sits at 228)
Jorja (74) Ranked only once in 2006 at 969 but Georgia ranked 296 in 2007
Tia (82) 737
Gemma (88) Never
Tara (92) 632
Claudia (93) 404
Ebony (95) Not since 2005 at 963
Isla (98) Never
Alice (99) 346
Poppy (100) Never

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Lola said...

I think it's funny that Lincoln shows up in your top 100 when He was our greatest President. :P

Rhys *should* be more popular here. But Reese Witherspoon ruined any of the soundalikes. At least that's my theory.
Lachlan will show up here in MA first. Land of the misplaced Irish, we are. Any Irish name that comes over generally explodes here first. Just like Italian ones generally do in NY. Callum's just popping onto the radar of my fellow Yanks. I'm beginning to see it mentioned on the board. The rule of thumb is two years on the boards before it explodes in RL. So just wait. :) Archie bugs me as a whole. As a nickname for Archibald or Archer, I don't mind him. And Angus is one that I toy with myself. I quite like him and think he'd be refreshing here. And really, Gus is just fabulous.

From the girls:
Chelsea, Monique, Tia, Tara & Holly are on their way down here, having peaked earlier. Matilda, so hot there & in NZ is starting to show up here in very small doses. I thnk it's charming. And her day here is coming. Imogen's on my own list, I hope she stays uncommon here! Gemma & Poppy are lovely indeed and again, I'm just starting to see them mentioned here. I think Poppy may replace Lily. I don't think Gemma will replace anything but may become an alternative to the horribly mangled (here) Gianna. You have no idea how grating it is to hear "Gee-AH-ah" for what is really "John-ah". Gemma seems refreshingly sweet compared!

Evie is one that I doubt will get super popular here. We seem to be a land of "Full namers" if that makes any sense. More likely to find a William nn Liam than a Liam alone, for example. And an Evie here is more likely to be an Evelyn, Genevieve or Neve in full. Claudia & Alice are two I hope to see more of in the future. It would take a lot to ruin either of those for me.

Neat-o Job here! :)