Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sibset Name Crush.

I was at my Mothers house yesterday. She was talking about this movie she had seen. The main character's names are just delightful! They were sisters:

Gertrude and Myfanwy!

Isn't that just precious! They could go by Gertie and Miffy when they are young and grow up to be Trude and Myf.

I understand they might not be everyone's cup of tea - perhaps Gertrude is a little clunky for some people. And the spelling of Myfanwy might put some people off. (Just so you know its Mif-A-Nee not My-Fan-Wee). But I think they are the most darling baby names ever. And yes, I do think they would be beautiful baby names, not old lady names.

Gertie and Miffy. I might just love it!

PS. Little boy in the births section of the paper today. The 2nd in about 3 months that I have seen in the paper with this first name. He is to go by Indigo Macleod Lewis. We have mentioned Indigo countless times. I wonder if parents have been reading this?

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Sebastiane said...

I think that is a fabulous sibset. I have always had a soft spot for Gertrude. I know she does not get much love, but I like her strength, while at the same time being feminine. Myfanywy is lovely too.