Saturday, May 30, 2009

-Oh Ending Names Part II, The Girls.

I did the first part of this "Ending in Oh" boys name post a long long time and stupidly forgot to do the Part II girls names! So here they are. I just LOVE Willow. I know one little Willow, another classmate of my 6 year old cousin. She is such a beautiful little girl and she adores Edward.

Shiloh - Yup the name of Little Miss Jolie-Pitt. And since her birth hasn't it rose to popularity. She never ranked until 2007 when she appeared at 804. In 2008 she charted in at 650. I love the name Shiloh. She is so soft and gentle.

Willow - I know I always say this but Willow happens to be in my top 5 if we have a girl. Star babies with the name Willow include Sarah Palin's girl in addition to Jada Pinkett and Will Smith's girl.

Harlow - Nicole Richie's little girl wears this name to honour Jean Harlow. Jean Harlow was a platinum blond bombshell, a screen sensation of the 1930s. Patricia Arquette's daughter wears this name as well.

Cleo/Clio - Cleo is the short form of Cleopatra. The Egyptian Queen. And Clio is the variant spelling. I much prefer the variant spelling of Clio. Both are derived from the Greek kleos meiang glory or fame.

Calypso - This one gets the big thumbs up from me. Pronounced ka-LIP-so, it is of Greek origin, and its meaning is she who hides. Mythology places her as a nymph who held Odysseus for seven years. It is also a West Indian style of singing. She has always been on my lists.

Callisto - This name may be a bit unheard of by itself but it lends to the more common nickname of Cally. Variant of Calista. Meaning of Calisto is fairest or most beautiful.

Indigo - I know we mention this name all the time. I know of 5real Indigo's actually. One is a male advertising consultant, one is the daughter of a teacher who used to teach me in high school, I have seen 2 brand new Indigo's in the paper over the last couple of months, a boy and a girl and the other is this little cutie from his mommy blog on wordpress.

Juno - This name has the most beautiful meaning ever. It means Queen of Heaven. That meaning speaks for itself. This understated name is perfect for the parent who wants something unusual but not silly or frilly.

Lilo - Ever seen the cute little cartoon Lilo and Stitch? Lilo is the main character and the girl in the picture up the top. She has a lovely name. This name meets the current trends of -oh ending names and the obsession with L names such as Lilly, Lila, Liliana, Lyra, and Lola. It means Generous one in Hawaiian.

Margot/Margaux - The short form of Margaret which means Pearl. I'm not sure about this one. It feels a bit like a highschool nickname given to Margaret by the like of Johno, Jacko, Macko or Cammo.

Yoko - This one has a pretty memorable namesake. Yoko Ono. The famous wife of passed Beatle mister John Lennon.

Meadow - This one caught my eye when I was looking through the baby name statistics for 2008. I wouldn't have expected this one to rank at all, let alone at 859. I does have such a beautiful sound and meaning.

Coco - The first name of Miss Number 5, Coco Chanel as well as Courteney Cox and David Arquette's daughter. You know what would be worthy of a giggle. If someone had a set of boy girl twins and named them Coco and Milo!

Isabeau - With the popularity of Isabella and variants if your looking for an alternative this might be the go. Whilst Belle is usually the feminine and Beau the masculine this is an exception.

Cielo - Meaning Sky in Spanish. For some reason this name gives of musical vibes to me. I
guess I could see this one fitting in with Sienna and Sierra. Or perhaps Siella might be an appropriate variant.

Rosario - This is pronounced roe-ZAR-ee-oh. In the Roman Catholic faith this name has traditionally been given to those born of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, the first Sunday in October as it has the meaning of rosary in Latin.


Elisabeth said...

And don't forget Io! It's one of the most surprising of the O girls, I particularly like it as punctuation in the middle. Great list!

Lola said...

Aw, I love 'o' enders!

I still maintain a firm & fast love for Cleo. I like Clio and the muse link but ask any ten random strangers to spell Cleo/Clio and 8 out of 10 will instinctively go C-L-E-O. So I figure it'd be less headache inducing for a girl to be Cleo. In my case, it's a nickname.

I cannot believe that people are putting Shiloh on girls! it's the Civil War's bloodiest battlefield. What a horrible thing to have associated with a little girl. But *shrug* I suppose that saves the really good names for me! :)

Willow is pretty, I love the tree, but If I was going for a Willa of my own, I don't do obvious nature names anywhere but the middle, and Willow's not one I like writing down. One W is enough for me in any given name. It's probably, aside from F, my least favorite letter of the alphabet, and a W kid of mine would be able to stand on their head and still have the right initials: WM. Go ahead, flip it around! Io, as Elisabeth mentioned is another favorite of mine. Stellar! I have it as a nickname for Imogen Ottilie Frances. If it didn't stick out so badly next to Josephine, I'd use Io alone.
Calypso & Callisto have both been on my lists for years and I have to admit, I wish Yoko Ono would fall off the face of the earth, Bah! I loathe that woman.

But 'o' enders, girls or boys, Awesome!

Laura said...

Io is definatley suprising- its short its sweet and its got a fun meaning ( maiden who caught Zeus' eye, and was transformed into a cow to elude him).

Lola I think I like the spelling Clio- Cleo makes me think of the magazine and I like it with an 'I' as its not as commonly used and its looks nicer with an I.
Thanks for stopping by guys :D

Sebastiane said...

I love many female names that end in -O. I especially like Willow. Its such a cool name. It has such a sweet sound. From this list I like,

Harlow -this is a GP
Meadow - I would blame the popularity of this on the Sopranos. One of the lead character's had this as her name. I have always liked it as a GP.
Coco -a big time GP, makes an adorable nickname
Isabeau-one of my favorites

CJ said...

I absolutely love Juno