Monday, May 25, 2009

How to get: Finn

You may have noticed the picture. Finn is such a beautiful boys name regardless of fishy accociations. And it is becoming increasingly popular in the states and has been very popular here in Australia for the last year or two.

But what if your not a fan of nicknames as first names but you love Finn as a nickname possibility? Then you've come to the right place.

I too love the nickname possibility of Finn, but with Edward it feels a bit too informal. So I have been searching and I think I might have it down to pretty much every Finn name there is - or at least all the ones I could find. If you know of any others please leave us a comment.

Phineas - Used by Julia Roberts for her little boy. Although she opted for an alternative spelling - Phinnaeus. A pleasing meaning too. In Greek mythology it means Oracle.

Griffin - From the fabled Welsh monster Griffith or Gryphon. They have the head of a hawk and the body of a lion.

Finnegan - This gem means Fair or White in Irish. Famous namesakes include James Joyce's last novel entitled Fineegan's Wake.

Finley / Finlay /Findlay- This name means Fair warrior in Scottish but could also be considered a place name as Finley happens to be a subarb in New South Wales, Australia.

Finn - Yup, just plain old Finn. I know one little Finn. He is a friend of my younger cousin and is just the most gorgeous boy you could ever hope to meet. The meaning of the name Finn is Fair and it's origin is Irish. It is also a Nordic name meaning Man from Finland.

Finbar - Believe it or not their is actually a canonised St. Fionnbharr. Finbar is just the anglicised form of this Gaelic name. The Saint was a prominent bishop who kept the Catholic Church alive in Irelan during the 7th and 8th centuries.

Phintan - An Irish name meaning From Finn Town. Cute.


Emmy Jo said...

Finn is cute. I have a friend with a son named Ethan, and she calls him "Finn" for short. I think it began when they started saying EE-fin (like Ethan in baby talk), and then it turned into just Finn.

Other Finn possibilities:

Finan (or Finnan): An Irish monk who succeeded St. Aidan as bishop of Lindisfarne. Finan is written about in Bede's "Ecclesiastical History of the English People."

Finnian: A name worn by several Irish saints (I found this on on Behind the Name.)

Laura said...

Nor sure if it is a name but does everyone remember the ryhme about Finnigan. Michael Finnigan-

There was an old man called Michael Finnigan, He grew whiskers on his chinigin

Its a fin :D

Lola said...

There's also Fintan, anglicised Fionntán, meaning "white fire" or maybe "white bull" according to BtN.

Finnegan (which is how I've always seen it spelled) reminds me of The movie "Michael Finnegan, Begin Again" and is also the name of the donkey on Piggly Winks farm. (Josie watches "Jakers! The Adventure of Piggly Winks" a lot). But Finbar, Fintan & Phineas are firm favorites of mine.

Laura said...

Phineas is a nice 'fin' sounding name. I like it becuase its not overly masculine.
Its funny also the names you pick up from childrens books or t.v shows :D

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Anonymous said...


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