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Baby Name Question

Hi, I am expecting my first baby, hopefully, on October 2nd and I kind of need help with a name. I have already been thinking about names and have come up with a few with the help of my mom, but I am a little worried that they are too out there. I want my child to have a unique name, but also a name that I love.

The names I have thought of so far are:
Thaine Weslin (Th aye n pronounced like blaine but with a "th" sound and Weslin is pronounced Wes lynn) Thaine is my grandmas name, Thelma Lorraine, combined. Weslin is my grandpas first name, Wesley, and my great uncles middle name, Franklin, combined.

Leota Dalin (pronounced Lee Oh Tah Duh Lynn) Leota was my stepdads moms name and Dalin is my biological das name, David, and my moms name, Linda, combined.

Josephine Ryelle (pronounced Rye elle) Josephine/Josie is the female version of my stepdads name Joseph and Ryelle is my partners sisters name, crystal and my sisters name Michele combined.

I really like the name Thaine, and if its a boy, which I think it is, that will definitely be his name. Im not too sure about the other names, except Ryelle, which I love that as a middle name. I guess what I need help with is a middle name that goes with Thaine for a boy.

I am also wondering if the names that I like, and have posted are "too out there." I am interested in unique names, American Indian names, and older names such as Lorraine. Im not sure if this will help, but the baby is black/white/souix/cherokee.
I am not fond of Jaedyn, Aiden, Aaliyah, Caden, or names like that. I love the name Denae and Kailyn. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you in advance!!


Thank you so much for your question and sorry about the late reply! It is always interesting to hear what other people are choosing to name their children and how they come up with their ideas.

You have I noticed gone for a 'twilight' decision in choosing names. Renesme chosen by Bella to cherish both her mother and mother in law. I think it will be a growing sentimental choice for deciding mothers and fathers.

I like the name Thaine (meaning landholder). I don't believe that it is to out their as names like "Blaine" "Shane' - ane/ain names- are becoming quite popular and it is actually a real name. Weslin and Leota have character also which is important in choosing a name. These names which you have combined are real possible choices with added sentiment that they are derived from family members. I don't believe these names are too out there compared with some other parents choises. I think it is good to go for multicultural names also which are unique but still plausible. Here are some ideas for names I hope that you like!


Kaila : From Hebrew and Hawaiian origins this name means Laurel Crown. It has slight popularity pronounced KAY-lah

Maya: Spanish/Hindi/Russian Origins- It means Dreams or Illusions a beautiful meaning for a beautiful name

Raina: This name means Queen and is often used for short version of Lorraine

Heloise: This is a variant of Louise from old German origins. Heloise means famous warrior

Lenora: This is a bright name with bright meaning of sun- sky- light and compassion. It is an old name which was highly popular in 1910.

Leola: Also popular in 1910 means loyal and Lion. A strong name which with popular variants such as Lola and Leyla may come back in to popularity.

Lorralie : pronounced Lor-a-lee it is a variant of Lorelei a German name. It is a very rare first name.

Briar: Meaning brambles it is a great sounding name with plenty of potential


The name Thaine you like can also be written as Thane or Thayne

Ashwin: Is of Hindi Origin and is a calender month. It is a very rare name not ranked in the top 1000. Its cute with nicknames possible of Ash

Marsden:Of old English Origin it means swampy valley- theres no muck on this name though which is very well defined and original

Curtis: A surname or first name used in Middle ages to describe a courteous person. Its popularity curving it still has potential.

Kiran- Of Hindi and Sanskrit origin means beam of light. It has two variants Kieron and Kyran.

Keegan: Irish and Gaelic origins it translates to mean small flame. Though growing popularity this is still slight.

Clarence: The duke of Clarence- this name was created for a 14th century prince who married a girl from the Clare family.

Carnell: Meaning defender of the castle a strong name with its only ranking in the 1940s.

Eldrick: A variant of Elderidge a German name it means sage ruler and tiger.

I hope that these names are helpful- if not don't hesitate to comment back if you come up with any other types of names you like or are thinking of. Goodluck!

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