Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Flower Power - Part I Boys

Botanical names are often chosen for both their sound and there meaning and have been chosen virtually since the dawn of naming. On boys, yes they are a little unexpected but some of the most popular names like Oliver and Bailey have botanical meaning.

PS. Don't you just love Fraser's meaning! Fancy naming a boy strawberry - Just precious! As well as the nickname Huck for Huckleberry. And Oleander makes me think of the wand maker from Harry Potter but still another fave.

Ackley - meadow of Oak Trees in Middle English.

Axel - small oak tree in German.

Bailey - berry in Old English.

Derry - oak tree in Welsh.

Fabian - bean in Latin.

Fraser - strawberry in French.

Jared/Jarrett - rose in Greek.

Oliver - olive tree in French.

Orrin/Orris - tree in Hebrew.

Perry - pear tree in Old English.

Purnal - pear in Latin.

Alder- From the Alder Tree in Old English. Nickname - Al

Ash/Ashton/Ashley- From the Ash Tree in English.

Basil- Nickname - Baz

Briar- Shrub or small tree in English. Nickname - Brye.

Linden -From the Linden Tree in English. Nicknames - Lin, Denny

Oleander- An ever green tree in Greek. Nicknames - Olly, Lee, Ander, Andy

Saffron- The Yellow Crocus from Russia and Europe. Nickname - Ron

Sage- Herb or Prophet in English . Wise man.

Thorne/Hawthorn/Thornton- From the thorn bush in English. Nickname - Thor.

Cedar - From the Cedar Tree in American.

Jonquil - Reed in Latin. Nicknames - Jon, Johnny.

Aspen - Quaking Tree in American. Nickname - Penn

Rowan - Rowan Tree in English. Nickname - Row.

Burnet - Of the Basil Plant in Indian.

Thyme - Thyme Herb in English. Nickname - Tye

Valerian - To be Strong in Italian. Like the Herb. Nicknames - Val, Ian

Forrest - Of the Woods in English.

Reid/Reed - Like the Reed in English.

Rush - Dweller of the Rushes

Huckleberry - Sweet Berry in American. Nickname - Huck

Ogden - From the Oak Valley in Old English. Nickname - Denny

Sylvester/Silvio - From the Forrest in Latin.

Vernon - Alder Tree in English.

Selby - From the Willow Farm in English.

Tamar - Palm Tree in Hebrew.

Glen - From the Wooded Valley in Scottish.

Moss - Variant of Moses which means Saviour but is also the Plant.

Heath - untended land where flowering shrubs grow in Middle English.

Dalber - taken from a tropical tree called Dalbergia Oliverii

Birch - Birch Tree in English


Lola said...

I love Fraser, but have a Scottish Mac surname. Fraser MacKenzie sounds like a law firm! Boo!
I love flower names and always find the boys wildly underrepresented. Thanks for this list!
Some other favorites of mine from this list:
Oliver, Perry. Fabian (I knew the most darling one!), Basil, Orrin's cool. Rowan, Reed, Valerian, Sylvester & Silvio both and Axel. I also like Sorrel, which I didn't see on this list. And William, for Sweet William!

I adore Botanicals for boys! I'd love to have a field of them!

Sebastiane said...

This was a cool post. I especially like these,

Fabian-one of my top male names
Basil-a favorite for a long time
Thorne-though I like it sans E
Cedar-I think this is awesome. I'd never have the guts to use it myself.
Rowan-love this!
Valerian-I also really like the feminine version of Valeriana
Forrest-I do prefer the Forest spelling
Huckleberry-gp, makes an awesome mn

Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) you should look at that emo boy one on this blog:

Cathode said...

I'd also add Lysander (it's a cyclamen)

melissa said...

We are naming puppies, Mom's name is Violet. I like Huck, Ashton and Basil, especially if we name one of the females Hyacynth