Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ages of change

Through out the years different names come in and out of fashion. I think i can say definitely when I was born Laura was largely popular. There were 8 if not more "Laura's" within my year and many other Laura's within the school which made for embarrassing moments when I turned around and answered to people obviously looking for someone else (if you have this problem i have learnt to ignore people saying Laura. Then if they continue to yell and yell and its you who hasn't turned around you are sure its you!!")
As time goes on parents become less conservative and want to name their child with "character building potential" and "individuality". How much have names changed. I thought I would investigate this claim through looking through the most popular names from the 1800s to present!

Ernest and Asa
Virginia and Phoebe
Abraham and Edwin
Lou and Alice
John and William
Mary and Anna
John and William
Mary and Helen
John and William
Mary and Dorothy
James and Robert
Mary And Barbara
David and Michael
Mary and Susan
Michael and Christopher
Jennifer and Amanda
Michael and Jacob
Hannah and Emily
Jacob and Michael
Emily and Isabella
From these name we can see obvious trends of the name "John' "William" and "Michael" and "Mary" for girls.
Judging by the boys names most parents go for very conservative names. I think for a boys it's sometimes best to stay slightly normal, because boys will be boys and if hes named Pegasus Fairy Anne (OK yess a bit crazy and probably not in any ones name book) or Zuma Nest Rock (Gwen Stefani's son) its rather obvious he will get a bit of extra attention from the school bully and his class mates. And if you want to go creative, choose it for a middle name then if your child approves he can let the world know his fantastic name chosen by mum and dad!
Though by personal choice I think you can be a bit freer with girls name choices. Apple was scandalous at the time and yet now people ask why not call your child Apple?
Inspiration for all names is very personal. I think though when deciding upon a name don't look to the top 100 names for 2008 or 2007. Choose a name you are happy with and your husband is happy with (and hope your parents won't be to annoyed at :D) and be content with that. Don't look out to create crazy names to rival the celebs because they get extra publicity you may just get some strange stares. Be happy and fall in love with the name as Sarah and I have done when choosing our children's name!

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