Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Music to my ears

It's me again. I'm back so soon. You were such help with the T names I thought I asked for more help. There's another avenue I'm exploring for naming this baby. My last daughter's name is Jazzi. I thought I could continue with that musical theme. Help, please.


Musical names are wonderfully original and so very classical! I think that its fantastic you are exploring so many different areas for your babies name! This way you truly will find the perfect name :D

When choosing a music name I saw on many sources standard music names such as Melody or Harmony. I believe though that when choosing a name for our friends and those in need we should delve deeper. So I hope these names are more unique, fantastic as well as to your liking!

Allegra- This name is associated with the musical term "allegro" meaning quickly and with a happy air. It can be spelt also as Alegra, your choice!

Serenade- This name is just so lovely and is it just me or is it a peaceful and joyful name?! Shortened to Serena if wanted this name is unique and one of a kind!

Tala- Its a 'T' name :D It is related with rhythm and music and is a type of Indian music. This goes outside western definition of music, which I encourage all to do!

Apollonia -Apollo was the Greek god of sunlight, music, and poetry and this name is the girl version. Its rather an adventurous name but its a name with great potential and great history!

Amity- Harmony is a very important thing within music unless your going for the rocker "i just don't care" sort of band/music. This name is Latin and translates into Harmony. Therefore subtlety and sophisticatedly your using a MUSIC name.

Aria- No not the award :D this is of Hebrew origins and is a song performed by the leading character in an opera. Cute hay?!

Philomela- pronounced I-LOME-LA it means lover of music. So therefore what better way to express your love of music through this name! (Also this name comes from that of a princess who was transformed into a nightingale! sweet huh)

I hope these help in your quest for a name and once again get back to us with your thoughts or any other questions name or otherwise related!!!

And as Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche said "without music life would be a mistake" I think we can say the same for a good name :D


Anonymous said...

I like Serenade but it doesn't go very well with my last name. I liked Amity then my husband ruined that. He said "Amity, like Amityville Horror." Trust hubby to think of something as off the wall as that. The others are not my style. Thanx for the help. I'll be back if I think of other avenues to pursue between now and the next seven months.

Laura said...

Well we are glad to be of some help and definetly get back to us within these 7 months! gd luck with finding the perfect name :D!!

Anonymous said...

What about Lyra? It's french for "song".

Lil said...

what a pretty name! french is in