Thursday, November 20, 2008

Short of Ideas! - What we need to know

If you need personal help or need a second opinion feel free to comment or email us at NFATE!

However, when contacting us make sure to leave
1. If possible the sex of your child (though if its a surprise we can offer help on both!)

2. Possible baby names or names you like (e.g. preppy, royal, botanical, creative) - if you dont tell us we can't pick names that we think you might like and it is a hassell following up your emails.

3. The names of your other children (if any)

4. Anything your looking for in a name - eg. Italian Names ect, or certain letters e.g. the letter 'S'

Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

I'm only two months along but I'm pretty sure it will be a girl. I have three other girls what are the odds of this one being a boy? I have considered the name Teavani (pronounced Tay AH vah NEE)Kristine. The middle name is definitely Kristina or Kristine because that's my mother's name. I am definitely going for something unique and that starts with a T. My other daughters names are LaShaea, Acacia, and Jazzi.

Anonymous said...

It's me again. I'm back so soon. You were such help with the T names I thought I asked for more help. There's another avenue I'm exploring for naming this baby. My last daughter's name is Jazzi. I thought I could continue with that musical theme. Help, please.

Kim D. said...

Hi! I have enjoyed reading your naming blog and I'm wondering if you can give us a second opinion.

I'm six months along with a baby girl. We like traditional names with traditonal spellings, nothing too unique or creative.

We have a son named Logan Andrew (2 years old) and had a daughter named Brianna Dawn who only lived a short time after her birth this past Valentine's Day.

For this baby, we are considering the names Emily Kate and Audrey (don't have a middle name for Audrey yet) ... we prefer a girl name that doesn't end in "ana" to be a very different name from Brianna. It's so hard to pick another girl name -- Brianna was a favorite name.

Can't decide if Emily is too popular... although we don't know of many in our area.

Any help or advice would be great!